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Suppressors from Where Great Britain Used To Be

In the UK, you can pretty much buy suppressors like buying gun in the US. Seriously, you can just hop right on the internet and order them for air guns and shotguns. There are a few restrictions for firearms suppressors, such as having a certificate to own a firearm.

Well, a Tennessee man decided to purchase some and take them back home:

A Murfreesboro man is being convicted by a federal jury for smuggling gun silencers into the United States that he purchased while traveling in England. Nashville prosecutors say 50-year-old Paul Gratton purchased six silencers from a firearms dealer in Sheffield.

Gratton shipped some of the firearm parts to the U.S, while he carried the other parts in a checked bag on his flight back to Tennessee. Authorities revealed that none of the silencers had serial numbers. However law enforcement was able to retain the silencers from Gratton’s home after receiving a search warrant.

I often use the line “Where Great Britain Used To Be” to make fun of England’s ridiculous nanny state laws. But they have better laws when it comes to suppressors than the supposedly “gun crazy” United States.

For marketing the hearing protection act, we should start doing like the Brits do and call silencers “sound moderators”. Sounds so much less intimidating, no?

4 Responses to “Suppressors from Where Great Britain Used To Be”

  1. nk Says:

    And the next logical step is that guns with a noise level above 70 decibels are banned. For hearing protection.

    It might not be all that bad a law, actually. It might spur gun and ammunition designers to come out of the 19th century.

  2. treefroggy Says:

    You can buy tires in the UK but not cars . Big whoop .

  3. Lyle Says:

    Paul Gratton; another political prisoner.

    Watch all of the various “human rights” organizations, and all the supposed pro second amendment organizations, and all of the supposedly pro constitution politicians, do nothing.

    nk says, “It might spur gun and ammunition designers to come out of the 19th century.”

    Care to enlighten us on that? Apparently you’ve designed and built some 20th Century weapons (unlike anything any of the rest of us, we idiots, we dolts, have used for the last 100+ years), you used your ground-breaking custom guns enough to get bored with them (without patenting them), and have moved on to building your own 21st Century weapons.

  4. Jim W Says:

    70 decibels is a pretty big ask for a firearm- even a quiet 22LR with a good can is going to be in the 110+ db range.

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