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There is definitely a dearth of good holster makers for my guns

And the ones that there are take a long time to get. Tam on why quality holsters cost more.

I think I’m on week four waiting on my JMCK AIWB holster for a Sig P229. I figure if I’m going to try this AIWB thing, I’d start with a DA/SA gun. As Todd intended. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve read he did.

As with most things gun, the adage sticks: Buy once, cry once.

5 Responses to “There is definitely a dearth of good holster makers for my guns”

  1. MajMike Says:

    Dragon Leatherworks has never disappointed me. I have their holsters for all of my hand guns.

  2. NotClauswitz Says:

    I’m not ready for AIWB, there’s stuff in the way.

  3. Says:

    Reminds me, as someone who’s never carried and is going to start (at least while hiking).

    Is there a good no-derp article on modern carry modes and holsters for an intro?

    Tam could write one, but I don’t recall her having done so.

  4. SayUncle Says:

  5. Mike W. Says:

    I get all my holsters from either Dark Star Gear, LAG Tactical, Keepers Concealment or JM Custom’s these days.

    For non-AIWB carry, leather from Ryan Grizzle.