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Quote of the day

Sebastian: You Know What Makes Guns Get Left in Cars? Gun Free Zones

5 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. JTC Says:

    Been saying it for years…

    Some of those issues have improved, notably “no loaded guns” signs on gunshop doors, but other ramifications like the unattended firearms noted here, remain.

    (that link’ll be gone soon due to something about real estate, but whatevs, valid point then as now)

  2. JTC Says:

    zap! 😉

    8/3/09…fla was early to the concealed-carry dance, but even predating that, and much more so since, on the front door of pretty much every licensed premises (ffl) you’ll see a bold-lettered sign “no loaded firearms”.

    now in the pre-permit days it was fairly easy to defend such as a simple reminder to unload weapons being brought in to sell, pawn, trade, etc. i’m still a bit haunted by the memory of the frazzled young wife toting a baby under one arm and a closed-bolt ’06 under the other coming in to pawn same for hubby. muzzle sweeping everywhere, she struggled toward the counter and i moved to relieve her of her burden. routinely dropping the business end to the floor and opening the bolt to check clear, i was only mildly surprised to see a three-inch deer round go flying and two more waiting to take their turn in the chamber…nothing but a flimsy thumb safety between that old remmie and me, or the guy in the store next door, or the guy going about his business half a mile down the street. chilling.

    so i can see where that store policy had a basis in good intent. but do we really want that young mom clearing that thing in her car out front? or for that matter, even the experienced handgun owner clearing his .45 before bringing it in to pawn? so i never had such a sign; just tried to keep my eyes peeled for potential threats, innocent or otherwise.

    and since the advent of concealed carry (of which there is a very high percentage of folks who enter a gun sellers store in fla), there is just no sense or justification in such a policy, if there ever was. and even though the setting is different than tam’s gun range, for the exact same reasons as those given by her and s.b. regarding either unloading going on in vehicles right in front, or guns coming out of carry places to leave in the vehicle; you just don’t want all those paws all over those shootin’ irons right where they could do the most harm to innocent bystanders.

    keep that in mind the next time you enter a gun shop with the “no loaded guns” sign, or worse yet, anywhere with the big red “no” circle over a handgun on the door or wall of the places you frequent. how many folks are unloading or offloading their iron right in your vicinity?


  3. JTC Says:

    We’ve come a long way baby…

    And with the potus that we have and the scotus that we will have, the prospects going forward are bright.

    Some will stubbornly not give that credit when and where due, but they are *increasingly* irrelevant.

  4. JTC Says:

    Well this is timely, just saw this on the evening Tampa teevee news…and check out that last quote from the sheriff’s spokesperson, straight to the gist of the post

    Can’t take it in some places with you, can’t leave it in the car…what do they want you to do, leave it at home? Ohhh, right.

  5. rickn8or Says:

    “Cant take it in some places with you, cant leave it in the carwhat do they want you to do, leave it at home? Ohhh, right.”

    They can “want” in one hand and “poop” in the other. I can provide a prediction as to which hand fills up faster.