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Using your sights

You Cant Use Your Sights in a Gunfight: Another Myth That Just Wont Die

Also, watch both videos. The first for it’s rather impressive shooting skills. And the second to see how people were taught to shoot in the past. We have:

  • No ear protection
  • No eye protection
  • A draw that requires the shooter to point the gun at themselves
  • And, it appears, at anyone standing behind them
  • “Shooting from the hip” has gone from FBI training to silly, anti-gun buzzword
  • Crouching down to fire
  • And little BS when the cop outdrew the guy with the gun
  • It’s kind of amazing to think that modern shooting evolved from that, if you ask me.

    3 Responses to “Using your sights”

    1. boxty Says:

      Neat videos. I’d like to see a video of a moving shooter hitting moving targets like that.

    2. Mike V. Says:

      Also note the holster in the FBI film, a sort of Tom Threepersons style with the trigger guard open. The forward can’t of the holster was known for decades as the “FBI” cant. Holsters with covered trigger guards didn’t appear until the late 1970s, about the same time Cooper started teaching the Modern Technique.

    3. nk Says:

      The FBI’s recruiting criteria in the ’50s were much more stringent than they are now. FBI agents, then, would have had stronger hands and quicker reflexes, and could shoot a .38 or .357 accurately one-handed, and outdraw someone going for his gun.

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