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If it can happen to the Oscars

American Institutional Collapse:

Our elites cant manage any of their jobs. Hollywood cant even put on a simple awards show, much less make a movie worth watching. PewDiePie does a better job of entertaining teenagers than Hollywood can manage. Our political pundits missed both the major stories of the year Brexit and the frigging presidential election, not just blowing both calls but assuring us that it would absolutely go the other way. Since then, theyve continued to blow every major call, like Paul Krugman claiming that the market had no direction but down after the election while it has rallied like never before since then.

The press and pundits have been wrong for years, mostly due to narrative, politics, and spin. But really miscalling two major elections, that’s just a failure to do their jobs right.

3 Responses to “If it can happen to the Oscars”

  1. mikee Says:

    The old adage says that when stupidity explains things, no further reason need be found. But if there is a group claiming elite status for historically valid reasons (education, privileged economic or class status, expertise in arcane fields of endeavor) that seems to be going completely off the rails and “failing to do their jobs right” one might consider that their ACTUAL jobs differ from the actions you think they should be doing.

    The media, for example, is good at doing one thing: supporting leftists. That they fail at reporting is not because they aren’t doing their jobs right. They fail at reporting because their actual job is supporting leftists.

    Hollywood isn’t in the entertainment business, they are in the making money business. And their leftist crapfests of movies do well worldwide among leftist believers.

    Pundits prognosticate in a politically biased direction, no matter the reality before them. And as for Krugman, well, I for one remember the era of a Krugman-described stock market “dead cat bounce” that sent a feline corpse into orbit.

  2. Ravenwood Says:

    Its all the Russians fault!

  3. Dead Jim Says:

    Regarding the media, I joked to my friend the other day while in line at WallyWorld that it’d be hilarious if the National Enquirer stepped up to fill the vacuum of real, genuine journalism. They’re already everywhere, so they’ve got the exposure!

    Had a good laugh. Certain the people around us thought we were nuts.