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I didn’t know there was such a thing

But, apparently, Custom seized $2M worth of counterfeit glock magazines.

3 Responses to “I didn’t know there was such a thing”

  1. Nomen Nescio Says:

    there’s counterfeits for anything. [b]anything.[/b]

    i’m a fountain pen nut. there’s this cheap chinese brand of fountain pens, Hero; they got their start by making counterfeit Parkers, and though they eventually got good enough to make serviceable (if *quite* low-market) pens in their own brand name, they still do knock off the design and function of better pen makers (notably Lamy). their cheapest, lowest-end offering is the Hero 616, which sells in a 10-pack for $20 and change. i have one. it writes, and that’s the highest compliment i’ll give it.

    [i]there exist knockoff, counterfeit, Hero 616’s.[/i]

  2. MattCFII Says:

    Word is these are SGM Korean magazines and the problem is how they labeled the packaging saying something like “Glock Magazine” instead of “Magazine for Glock.”

  3. mikee Says:

    But will it blend, and how does it stand up against a hydraulic press? I mean, does it work?