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But take our word for it

Frank Cagle has a bit in the local paper saying that the permitless carry bill is irresponsible and dangerous. And doesn’t offer any actual reasons for why the bill would be dangerous. I haven’t heard of any increase in danger in the 12 states that have passed similar measure.

And then there’s this bit of stupidity:

They call it constitutional carry under the idea that because of the Second Amendment you can’t put any restrictions on guns. Freedom of the press also allows for libel laws. Free speech doesn’t let you yell fire in a crowded theater.

The equivalent to those restrictions would be the restriction for the second amendment doesn’t allow you to shoot people. But it gets dumber:

Freedom of religion doesn’t allow polygamy, snake handling or the worship of marijuana pipes.

Well, if you can’t be bothered to research the impact of permitless carry in other states (i.e., none), you probably can’t research what is wrong with that word salad.

10 Responses to “But take our word for it”

  1. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    Or that the fire in a crowded theater decision was overturned….

  2. Ron W Says:

    I would be OK with gun control laws such as preventing target practice in a public park. But when gun controllers say it’s illegal to yell fire in a crowded theater, they don’t want to enforce it by cutting your tongue out before you enter.

  3. Publius Says:

    It’s only illegal to shout fire in the theater if there is not, in fact, currently a fire in the theater.

  4. rickn8or Says:

    Yes, you CAN yell “Fire!” in a crowded theatre; but you have to be ready to accept the consequences of your actions.

  5. Liston Matthews Says:

    Refuting Cagle:

    Tennessee Constitutional Carry Bill, 2017

  6. nk Says:

    You can’t yell “Movie!” in a crowded firehouse, either. In many fire departments, the firemen do three or four day shifts and sleep there, and you could be arrested after they’ve beat you up for waking them up.

    On topic, though, how would this guy like it if he had needed a permit from the police to publish this article?

  7. Richard Says:

    1 Snake handling is not illegal.
    2. Worshiping marijuana pipes is legal in a number of states.
    3. Polygamy will soon be legal. De facto it more or less is already. You only get prosecuted if you try to get government paper.

  8. Ron W Says:

    Despite, the “you can’t yell fire” argument, the anti-gunners do NOT want 2nd Amendment rights treated like 1st Amendment. They want to PRE-EMPTIVELY restrict or deny the RKBA and they want PAID PERMITTING and LICENSING to be required to exercise that right, though they would vehemently oppose that for the 1st Amendment or any other right. But the classical liberal position is to treat every right for every person alike. These supposed “liberals” are phonies who favor discrimination, restriction and denial of rights!!

  9. Mike W. Says:

    “Free speech doesnít let you yell fire in a crowded theater.”

    I hate this argument because it’s absolutely false. You cannot falsely yell fire in a crowded theater. And even then, of course you *can* do so, it’s just not protected speech if you do. No one’s preventing you from being able to yell it in a theater, you just can’t invoke 1A protections to avoid the consequences if you do so unlawfully, just like you can’t murder someone with a gun and then say “oh, but hey, 2nd Amendment!”

    If there’s actually a fire and you’re yelling fire to alert those around you to the presence of a fire, that’s certainly protected speech.

  10. Says:

    It’s illegal to worship a marijuana pipe?

    Musta missed that in the USC and all.

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