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So much about this video bugs me

Ok, have a watch:

Derp 1: The opening shows someone carrying a gun I cannot identify in a nylon holster. Don’t do that.

Derp 2: The sheriff is carrying a bone-handled 1911 in a Serpa holster. A true sign that he is a serious operator. Of course, that and him wearing his tactical vest during an interview.

Derp 3 and you’re out: He doesn’t support permitless carry in his state because of the revenue.

17 Responses to “So much about this video bugs me”

  1. FiftycalTX Says:

    Gun #1 is a Browning (hallowed be his name) High Power or clone.

  2. rickn8or Says:

    And Number 3 is his biggest concern…

  3. Backwoods Engineer Says:

    Many people will see this and hate on Alabama. There are good people here. Of course the news media had to find the maximum derp.

  4. Fred Says:

    AL’s permit fees funds police equip. There’s a bill introduced this year in TN to do the same. ’tis BS.

  5. rickn8or Says:

    Fred, I kinda think we’re talking about the same pair of bills:

    Not so much for funding equipment; it’s a “Widows and Orphans Fund.” You’re not against taking care of widows and orphans are you?? (I agree, ’tis BS.)

  6. Deaf Smith Says:

    Oh, gun in #1 is a Browning P-35, for sure. Holster is a piece of crap.

  7. crowofthedead Says:

    I was recently at a gun show down near Gulf Shores and there were tons of those nylon holsters there…I mean tons…only real things of interest were the Ruger ARX ammo varieties and Federal nitrogen filled 30 round cans of 5.56…I had seen those nitrogen cans featured in a magazine but never in the real world…

  8. Darren Says:

    Sheriff says “I support the 2nd amendment but……”

  9. Ravenwood Says:

    One thing I like about Virginia is that the courts can only charge fees to cover the costs of issuing the permit, can cannot exceed certain amounts regardless of how much it costs. It’s written into the statute.

  10. Blounttruth Says:

    Gotta get those dollars for military toys, and steroids.

  11. beatbox Says:

    Didn’t you listen to him? It’s about fighting TERRORISTS!! Why do you hate America?

    …and the accents don’t help.

  12. beatbox Says:

    Both of these guys look like a Redneck parody on Saturday Night Live.

  13. rickn8or Says:

    @ beatbox:

    “Yeah, he blowed up REAL good!”

  14. AndyN Says:

    At least he was honest about the revenue. Most government employees would have just said it was necessary for keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys and left it at that.

  15. Lyle Says:

    That sheriff has to be the dumbest son of a bitch I’ve heard all week. He said “terrorists” but I fully expected “niggras” to spew out his pie hole.

    Anyone says, “I respect the second amendment, but…” and it’s time to get out the tar and feathers. It proves they’re either hostile to the constitution or they completely fail to understand it. In either case they’re unfit for any type of government job.

  16. JTC Says:

    Did no one ask Sheriff Buford T. what he thinks of trading CWP income for an LE tax on pot? Lots more revenue, and instead of infringing on a right you support one. Somehow I don’t think he’d appreciate it.

  17. Poobie Says:

    Hey, at least we’re finally shall-issue; things -are- getting better here. I generally like living in Alabama, but trendsetters we are not.

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