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Gun laws up for vote in Tennessee

The NRA has a summary of coming legislative action. Seems to me that if you pass the permitless carry bill, you may not need the one that allows people who have taken out restraining orders to carry a gun sans permit.

And a bill to offer criminal and civil immunity if someone uses a gun in lawful self defense. We mostly already have the criminal immunity one. But the civil would be nice.

9 Responses to “Gun laws up for vote in Tennessee”

  1. .45ACP+P Says:

    In Virginia the theory would be to hope one would get past Governor McAwfull. With different sponsors it may be 2 good ideas in competition with each other. Not sure of the status of the Governor in Tennessee

  2. Mike V Says:

    We already have civil immunity for self defense shootings TCA 39-11-611

  3. Fred Says:

    Here are 2 more. Please call and write on the Constitutional Carry one. It likely won’t make it out of committee thanks to Uncle’s rep Overbey but they should know that we want it. Check out the TFA page to see which committee needs to be chided about what. Thanks.

    SB131 / HB0493
    This is the 2017 Constitutional Carry legislation that we are asking members to support by calling and writing your legislators. – TFA

    SB146 / HB1407
    Prohibits the expenditure of state or local funds or use of state or local personnel to implement, regulate, or enforce any federal law or executive order regulating the ownership or possession of firearms. – TFA supports this one as well, although there is no mechanism of enforcement such as arresting federal officers who would snatch up gun owners.

  4. JTC Says:

    I’ve ragged on Sheriff Cornpone from the county next to mine for his addiction to the teevee camera, and sure enough he was on the Tampa news again tonight.

    This time credit where due though, this is a positive action and attitude on his part. Yes, he had to get his good ol’ boy on with the “we’re gonna shoot you graveyard dead” quip, but still:

  5. Crawler Says:

    True to form from the usual suspects, the six sponsors of all of the “anti-gun bills aimed to infringe on our (inherent) rights” are all members of the Democrat politboro.

    And the Democrats wonder why their numbers are shrinking every year, and why their party has become nothing more than insignificant, irrelevant, powerless and downright laughable?

    Screw ’em all.

  6. Erik Says:

    Mike V.,

    Thank you. We are at the point where money is being thrown away because we have ridiculed the legal profession almost into oblivion within the GOP. And now we pay for it with stupid redundancy. Self defense is always a legal defense in tort.

  7. Ron W Says:

    Tennesseans ALREADY HAVE the RIGHT of “permit less carry” plainly DECLARED the Tennessee Constitution Declaration of Rights. You know, where the People have DECLARED their rights. Any “permit less carry” bill should be prefaced so: “Pursuant to the declared right of the People in Article I, Section 26 of the State Constitution’s Declaration of Rights…”

    And in that Section 26, the Legislature has been delegated only ONE power from the People. That being to “regulate the WEARING of arms with a view to prevent crime”. The State may only legislate how we WEAR (holstered, with a sling, etc) what we have a RIGHT TO CARRY only IF it can demonstrate a crime prevention reason.

  8. wildbill Says:

    This open carry bill is BS. What it it’s cold outside and I need to wear a coat, or even a long tail shirt. Now my pistol is covered. ILLEGAL!!! The promoter of this bill is no friend of gun owners and needs to remove it and replace it with carrying just like permit holders.

  9. Ron W Says:

    @wildbill, yes! According to our DECLARED State Constitutional right! And it should apply to any gun that is legally possessed which is either carried with a holster or a sling.

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