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The Trumpening

Trump has tried to use eminent domain in the past to further is business. He even spoke highly of it on the campaign trail. Based on that, needless to say, I didn’t expect him to have a healthy respect for property rights. Well, at least he’s consistent:

In a meeting with county sheriffs from around the country on Tuesday, President Trump jokingly (we hope!) threatened to “destroy [the] career” of a Texas legislator who proposed requiring the government to obtain a conviction before taking property allegedly tied to crime. As Nick Gillespie noted, Trump’s knee-jerk support for civil asset forfeiture is troubling, especially in light of a growing bipartisan consensus that the practice should be reformed or abolished because it hurts innocent property owners and warps law enforcement priorities. Worse, the White House transcript of the president’s remarks about forfeiture shows he literally does not know what he is talking about, which suggests this “law and order” president is happy to go along with whatever cops want, even if he has no idea what it is.

This should be a red flag for my fellow Wookie-suited travelers.

7 Responses to “The Trumpening”

  1. Lyle Says:

    If you take it in isolation (as in forgetting it’s Trump and forgetting it’s coming from a Republican) Trump’s language is that of a 1930’s European National Socialist, only slightly adapted for his 21st Century audience. In attempting find counter examples to that, I am so far at a loss.

    In his inaugural address he never mentioned America’s founding, the constitution, the word “principles” or “liberty”, “limited government” or any of that.

  2. JTC Says:

    Outgrew my wookie suit a while back, but yeah.

    Remember DT is not an idealist or ideologue but a deal-maker and delegator. And swinging the pendulum back from BLM-esque emasculation of LE is part of this deal.

    BUT, delegation for enforcement of this hardline shit will fall to his one high-profile nominee so far that gives me the creeps. I don’t like much of anything about J. Sessions, including the way he looks, and don’t tell me that’s not important.

    Certain history and positions of this AG are not in line with Trump’s stated attitudes, and it might really soon be necessary for DT to take the reins and give some clear guidance; this is an example of that.

  3. mikee Says:

    We elected a wrecking ball, and hey, it swings in all sorts of directions. Most of the things it swings at need wrecked, broken down, rebuilt. Let the fun and games begin!

  4. Erik Says:


    First of all I think your wrong, which if you are either a liberal or a Cruz support, but I repeat myself, is a disagreement not worth Ha wing. We’re the exact words used? Maybe not. We’re they implied? Explicitly. America First. Giving the country back to you. Taking back the government, Together we are going to set the course for America. Seems pretty “principled driven” for a “limited government” and the “liberty” given back to you.

    What is it about specific language you require? Is it a learning disability, a pretentiousness, or simply a wedge for you to try and drive further.

    Now your elegant disregard to brevity while concealing the autistic screech of NAZI is truly bizarre and baseless. Is flamboyance now Nazism? Trumps actions or “specific” words are those of rounding up Gypsies, Jews, Clergymen, Slovaks, or seditionist and imprison, torture, and kill them? Has he redistributed any property real or personal? Even eluded to it? I say no. No he has not.

    But that’s cool bro. You go on using long drawn out accusations to something that simply does not exist. Come to think of it, you’re probably not a lib or a Cruzer but another color of anarchist that thinks they should have been castes as Rick in the Walking Dead. You need to chill out. You probably should consult with a therapist. It’s amazing how nice you feel afterwards. But I’m sure you have some reference to therapist, the Kellog health club and gold fringe on a flag you can relate.

  5. Michael Says:

    There were red flags waving a year ago. If we view things transactionally, we may be able to get a few things from him, but let’s not deceive ourselves, he is not a Conservative, and his comment she on Russia and others show he’s not really even a patriot. He doesn’t care about our freedoms, only his ego, and his ability to scam money from others.

  6. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    Every story like this makes me wonder why the Hell the leftards are not supporting him as much as Clinton.

  7. JTC Says:

    Forgot to mention that this little sheriff’s confab with Trump was attended by the attention-whore sheriff up the road from me that looooves to see and hear his fake folksy twangy self on teevee…the one who blamed the gun shop owners (yeah, plural, another one since the one unc posted about here) for the smash n gun-grabbin’ thugs. He was right that the gunshop owners were guilty of contributory neglect and stupidity, but that was really just an excuse for sheriff Judd to wax all strict and country like he does over everything from murder to jaywalking at least once a week on the Tampa tube news.

    But…Grady Judd is just the kind of guy that the new AG loves, and just the kind of guy that all of us…even ones who embrace a return to real law and order and respect for real lawmen, should be very leery of. This area of Central FL has learned to take ol’ Grady for the put-on good ol’ boy publicity hound he is, and of course ignorant media types lap it up…but Jeff Sessions OTOH is a potentially dangerous man and portends an unsettling direction for Donald Trump’s judgement, encouraging over-the-top local yokels like Judd…unless DT reins that shit in…which I have every confidence he will before damage is done to the support that we who brung Trump to the dance are conditionally giving him so far.

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