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Let the lawsuits begin

The NRA is going after the MA assault weapons ban, which you may remember was completely altered with no input from the legislature by the state attorney general.

6 Responses to “Let the lawsuits begin”

  1. Lyle Says:

    If you’re gonna make ’em pay, then make ’em pay hard. There’s a LOT more to do besides.

  2. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Yep. This was a travesty. One day, without warning, the Attorney General told us that ARs were banned… and had been banned for years, but she was only just now getting around to telling us. Local gun stores sent out mailings, saying to come buy their ARs TODAY, because they might not be legal tomorrow.

    It was an arbitrary, ridiculous ruling, with no oversight whatsoever.

  3. Fred Says:

    Sick ’em!

  4. Drake Says:

    Please do New jersey next!

  5. mikee Says:

    So by the simple stroke of a pen the Masshole AG has tied up NRA resources that will amount to years of effort, millions of dollars and lost opportunities for the NRA. Well played, Masshole AG.

    Why can’t the pro-gun side find simple things like this to do to the anti-gun side, costing THEM millions and years just to achieve the prior status? It might keep the anti-gunners from mischief like this, were they so busy keeping their own heads above water that they had no time to drag us under.

    Here’s hoping national concealed carry reciprocity hits MA good and hard.

  6. Fz Says:

    Mikey: “Why cant the pro-gun side find simple things like this to do to the anti-gun side”

    Remove ‘sporting purpose’ language from Fed law.

    perhaps off-topic, but costs them *now*: voter ID and registration integrity. RICO suits into Chicago’s government.