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To be fair, they both suck

Robb’s not feeling the Trumpening. I understand.

I never supported Trump but I wasn’t never Trump. I did refer to him as one of the least worst options.

The good news is that Hillary didn’t win and that’s about it. She’d have gone after gun rights at every opportunity and expanded government immensely. If Trump keeps his promise on appointing judges, that is definitely an improvement. Particularly since he might be appointing three of them.

Now, under President Trump, will we see a congress that is serious about repealing Obamacare?

We’ll see.

6 Responses to “To be fair, they both suck”

  1. Mike G Says:

    Maybe we will also see a national reciprocity on concealed carry.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Well, he got the NRA endorsement. He needs to pay it back.

  3. Lyle Says:

    “…under President Trump, will we see a congress that is serious about repealing Obamacare?”

    That’s funny, especially as Trump never said one word about repealing Obama Care. I know that’s what a few million people heard, be he never said it.

    What he said was; “Repeal and Replace” which is totally different. He’s a Single Payer guy, and that doesn’t mean you, the recipient of medical treatment, paying the doctor or clinic. It means Socialized Medicine.

    Trump is also for nationalizing the banking industry, which the Progressives said 100 years ago we’d all be clamoring for once they’d fucked it up enough and rubbed it in our faces enough. Looks like they’re getting their wish.

    Worse is that if things go fairly to shit in the next four years, which seems likely enough, then the very concept of “conservatism” or free markets, et al, will be said to be at fault.

  4. J T Bolt Says:

    Trump is AWFUL. I am glad he won.

  5. Michael Says:

    The problem is, he doesn’t exactly have a good track record of paying off his debts. I’m with Lyle, and worry that he will sell us out quick, especially once he realizes that passing left wing laws gets him all the accolades from the press and the elites that he has spent 50 years desperately seeking.

  6. rd Says:

    Will Trump support legislation I dislike? Maybe.

    I darned well know the Hillary Clinton would have supported legislation I HATE.

    Heck, I disliked, even hated, some of the stuff that the sainted Ronald Reagan did. Remember the 1986 Amnesty Bill? No President is perfect. I supported Trump, since Hillary is an actual criminal, even though the Democrats, Media (BIRM) and #nevertrump do not seem to care.

    If Trump does 3/4 of what he has promised, I would say find some space next to Teddy on Mount Rushmore for another mug. Support him when he does good, criticize him when he does bad. Treat him as a politician and human being. Do not expect a savior, we crucified the last one.