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One of the dangers of tiny explosions going off near your face

Well, that’s a hell of a kaboom.

3 Responses to “One of the dangers of tiny explosions going off near your face”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    An article written by obvious non-gunners, almost painful to read. “Bullets exploding” “firing pin firing” “firing pins firing”

    I hope the guy has sense enough to slug the barrel to see if it’s blocked before he tries shooting it again.

  2. Lyle Says:

    “A New Brunswick restaurateur has survived after a misfiring rifle showered his face with bullet shrapnel.”

    We don’t use Shrapnel in hunting bullets, because, for one thing, we don’t use exploding bullets, so there’d be no point.

    “Douglas Lyons said a bullet exploded in the chamber…”

    No it didn’t– We don’t use exploding bullets.

    “The covering of the bullet and the powder and all that stuff in there came up and struck me on the side of my head.”

    That “covering” has a name. It’s called the “case”.

    Might as well say, “The thingy blew up in my gun…doohickey”.

    If he reloads, I’m not surprised.

    Wipe off all that caked-on blood and his wounds are minor. Wait ’till we have a photo though. Move along.

  3. SPM Says:

    The round went kabluey and showered his face with bras. That is what I got out of it..