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Range day notes

Went out to do some shooty stuff today. A while back, I mentioned converting 15 round M&P mags to 17 round. I’ve no run each of magazines twice. In that time, there was one failure to feed. Obviously, not enough rounds through them to draw any conclusions. But I think they’ll make fine range only magazines and not so much for carry.

I put 96 rounds through the Ruger GP100 Match Champion that I just bought. That gun is fun to shoot. he first several cylinders I was hitting a bit low at about 10 yards. I finally figured out the sights and it was dead on, even out to 30 yards. That trigger is slick and in single action, it was dead on. Shooting mostly plastic guns, I wasn’t used to the long double action trigger but that will get better with practice. I was hitting what I was aiming at just not quickly or tight. It is now probably my favorite handgun to shoot.

I recently installed a bunch of Apex Tactical parts on 3 of my M&Ps. I’ll have more on the Apex stuff later. But my initial thoughts:

I put the Carry Action Enhancement kit with the aluminum trigger on my Shield. And it’s pretty sweet. It noticeably takes up the travel and made the weapon easier to shoot. This was also the most accurately I’d shot that little gun in a while.

On the CORE M&P, I installed the Flat-Faced Forward Set Sear & Trigger Kit. This one, unlike the one on the shield, was polymer and not aluminum. Similar results for this gun that I had with the Shield kit. I do prefer the aluminum on the shield. I’ll probably pick up the aluminum trigger when one becomes available. On the larger gun, this seemed to help me get back on target faster. The trigger was definitely smoother. I left my shot timer at home and couldn’t actually measure that.

On the M&P Pro, I installed the Action Enhancement Trigger. A worthwhile upgrade but I’d recommend getting the action kit as well.

I also a stock M&P with no lights, lasers, tasers, phasers, or gizmos on it. For comparison. The stock model is still a hoot to shoot and accurate.

4 Responses to “Range day notes”

  1. Some Jerkoff Says:

    Regarding the GP100: Toldja. Now just wait till it’s broken in.

  2. Ruger Guy Says:

    Also like the Ruger MC.

    Several hundred rounds through mine. Favorite shooter, and getting better with it.

    And with the Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake holster, it can be carried concealed. That’s a nice holster.

  3. mike Says:

    Make good use of that great advantage your DA wheelgun provides – it’s an awesome platform for dry fire practice. Master the DA trigger and you’ll shoot every handgun better.

    I like to lie on my back and point the gun at the ceiling – I’m training my hands, and I don’t want arm fatigue to get in the way. Squeeze the trigger slowly until the hammer drops with no motion of the sights. Then release it slowly until it resets with no motion. I don’t know why this works but it does. Don’t worry about speed. You’re training dozens of muscles in your hands to understand that a certain motion is exactly right. Take all the time in the world.

    When you get tired of that, stand up again and lay a quarter across the top of your front sight. Pull, release, and don’t let the coin fall.

    Do it a few minutes every day, but do it with full attention and care. In two weeks you’ll see the difference it makes.

    You can’t dry fire most pistols like this – the hammer cocking and slide resetting constantly disrupts the process. Your GP100 is perfect for this.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Thanks Ruger Guy. I’ll look into one. I currently have a Garrett holster.

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