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Life in the future

The future is stupid.

Is your dogs Halloween costume sexist? No. And you’re a moron.

The Paper of Making Up the Record on what to do if your doctor tells you you should lose some weight:

Consider telling the doctor you feel upset or distressed, Dr. Puhl said. If you are feeling judged, let the doctor know.

And if the doctor is impossible, impatient and unwilling to look beyond the patients weight?

Ask for a second opinion, Dr. Puhl said. Or consider switching doctors.”

Go to your safe space!

7 Responses to “Life in the future”

  1. Ken in NH Says:

    I made this observation earlier today on a Target story: Reality is a bitch that will invade your safe space and microaggress you until you cry, buttercup.

  2. Joe wut ain't in Houston no more Says:

    Or do like I have. Tell the doc he’s got one time to tell me to quit drinking, smoking, and lose weight. If he say anything about it after that I’ll find a new doc. And since I’m a self pay client, I get to actually mean it.

  3. Paul Says:

    To funny. Just doctor shop till you get one that only tells you what you want to hear . I guess that works out in the long run. Special snowflakes won’t do what needs to be done to live longer and will expire sooner .

  4. mikee Says:

    That may work with doctors, telling them you feel disturbed by their healthcare instructions to lose weight, but try expressing your outrage to your diabetes, and you find the diabetes just doesn’t care.

  5. Ken in NH Says:


    Didn’t they prosecute Rush Limbaugh for doctor shopping?

  6. JK Brown Says:

    Doctor told me I needed to lose weight. I told him my weight was like the kids’ cat, no matter how far I took it off, it always found its way back. Fortunately, there is no welfare group that’s against beating fat to death. …yet.

  7. Laughingdog Says:


    Obesity doesn’t cause diabetes. That’s a myth. Unfortunately for me, I was undiagnosed for 6 years because even my family doctor was stuck in that mindset.

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