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The TSA on transporting firearms

Herschel talks about the inconsistencies. In my experience, the rules seem to vary by airport and, to a lesser extent, the airline. And sometimes even on the douche working the ticket counter.

3 Responses to “The TSA on transporting firearms”

  1. Stretch Says:

    The counter personnel at IAD were very helpful and kind.
    The DCA clerk? I’m certain he notified the baggage handlers which bag had my .45 in it. Bastards also put a broken wrench in the case so it weighed the same.

  2. Fred Says:

    The airline makes the final determination, case by case, at check-in. The plane is their property and the contract (ticket) is mutual until voluntarily voided by either party.

    It’s really as simple as it ever was.

  3. Deadcenter Says:

    I’ve encountered differences in knowledge of procedure down to the tsa employee level. All of the airline employees have been more knowledgeable than the tsa and I’ve yet to encounter one that wasn’t professional and most have been friendly.