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Another Democrat isn’t so good on security

Noted gun expert Joe Biden told a crowd that Trump couldn’t be trusted with the nuclear codes. Then proceeds to point out the guy with him that carries the nuclear codes for him.

4 Responses to “Another Democrat isn’t so good on security”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    Nice going Plugs; not only did you out the guy that’s got the football, but every new guy in your entourage will be immediately “made.”

  2. Linoge Says:

    Well, at least they’re keeping the codes with them. I was starting to wonder with Obama, since I never saw the briefcase any more.

  3. Ravenwood Says:

    Basically just ruins that poor guys career. Now that he’s been outed he’ll be relegated to a desk job.

    Perhaps he’ll do a Vanity Fair article and sue the Veep for blowing his cover. I’m sure the press will carry the water for him, the same way they did for Valerie Plame.

  4. rickn8or Says:

    Ravenwood, which is pretty ironic when you consider at the time of her “outing” Plame was a desk-jockey “analyst” and not a genuine “double-naught spy.”