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Haptic Virtual Reality Gun

Story here. And here’s video:

Doesn’t look like it recoils enough to simulate an actual gun and it’s design doesn’t resemble any common gun. But a modified version could make for a decent training simulator. Otherwise, it looks like just a fun toy.

3 Responses to “Haptic Virtual Reality Gun”

  1. MattCFII Says:

    There is also this one:

  2. JTC Says:

    “…doesnít resemble any common gun.”

    Well, common being the operative modifier, but it sure looks like one o’ them Punishers.

    Ooh, what if they got switched? Dude’s demo’ing the new VR, next thing you know he’s lobbing airburst grenades.

    They’d all be going, “Dude, it’s virtually a whole ‘nother reality”.

    Goofy shit.

  3. mikee Says:

    But is there an Airsoft version of it yet? Or Nerf?