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The coming push for gun control

Noted gun expert Joe Biden wants to target armor piercing ammunition. Well, that’s already been banned.

Democrats introduce a bill to ban kids from shooting semi-automatics. This one is particularly heinous because it is designed to prevent adults from passing on to their kids certain aspects of the shooting sports.

3 Responses to “The coming push for gun control”

  1. Ritchie Says:

    Somewhere in another statute is an extensive list of bullet materials that are prohibited. Then there is a specific exemption for M2 Ball AP and M855. I deduce (the reason is not in the text) that the exemption is for surplus ammo in the DCM program.

  2. mikee Says:

    I recall the day my young teen son & I were at the range, shooting a scoped, single shot .22LR bolt rifle. One lane over, a fellow was shooting his muzzle loading, percussion cap, Hawken rifle. My son watched him go through the excruciating slow loading process, and the smoke&thunder of firing. Then the man reloaded, and offered my son a shot. He was delighted to touch off the venerable smoke-pole, and made a good shot despite the lag between trigger pull and bullet exit.

    Then to top it off we rented a Beretta Storm Carbine and blew through a box of 9mm.

    So in one range session my son experienced both the mildest of shooting, some of the oldest of shooting, and the most modern of shooting.

    These days he shoots a Mosin 44 for fun, bayonet extended, of course.

  3. Chas Says:

    Why would we prohibit the mild shooting gas guns on the skeet ranges for youngsters? Load two rounds, and they get their two rounds off easily. What is wrong with that? Why do we allow would-be gun banners to regulate the normal use of firearms? That’s nuts, and most people would think it’s nuts. Of course, nuts that they are, the gun banners never think that they are nuts, because they’re nuts. Nuts are like that.