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Endorsement: Scott Williams for Tennessee’s 2nd District

Our current state senator, Doug Overbey, is no friend to gun owners. Nor to freedom in general. His job claims haven’t materialized. And he’s been rated a zero on a tax payer friendly list. And whole list of other things that most of his constituents wouldn’t be fans of. And his voting record isn’t too good for those of conservative bent.

He needs to go. I’m throwing my support behind Scott Williams. You can facebook him here.

Here he is on the issues. And I know he’s serious about the second amendment because I met him through a local gun forum. So, he’s getting my vote and some of my money.

2 Responses to “Endorsement: Scott Williams for Tennessee’s 2nd District”

  1. Fred Says:

    North the of the river in Knox we have Steve Hall running again in district 18. I’ve met him. I and several liberty activists grilled him a few years back. He enthusiastically wanted to meet with us. He’s for freedom and understands why we keep ARs. I’ll be voting for him again.

    Book or face

    He got beat by Martin Danial 2 years back while he was the incumbent running for re-election. Daniel came in with the wave socialists that obama money bought ’14.
    Steve Hall replaced Stacey Campfield in ’10. Campfield is the only actual Jeffersonian (gov does not do any of that sh*t so, knock it off) politician I’ve ever met. Sad he’s gone from the scene.

  2. Rod Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I have made a contribution.