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A little disappointing

The NRA’s first campaign ad is Benghazi:

Yeah, I know Benghazi was a cluster of epic proportions. But you’re the NRA. Stick to guns.

9 Responses to “A little disappointing”

  1. JTC Says:

    It’s that little comment about being a petulant child, not voting because “your guy” didn’t win, isn’t it?

    I understand, but to say guns is not politics, and that the only powerful foil against the whole machine at the antis disposal should stand down?

    Come to think of it, yeah I guess petulant child is about right.

  2. boxty Says:

    Right on, JTC.

  3. Jerry The Geek Says:

    I’m the NRA too. And I’m still mad at hell about Bengazi, and the people who allowed that to happen.

    Those are the same people who are mad as hell at the NRA.

    See the connection?

    I’m more concerned about my country and my constitution than about being a ‘single-issue voter’.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Do your part and vote for the self-serving statist of your choice. That douche-verses-turd episode of South Park comes to mind. In this case it’s coming down to a choice between a National Socialist and a communist. It’ll be the down ballot that counts here, so yeah; go vote.

    As for the ad; meh. Who decided on the Fudd look and Fudd talk? “I’m not sure if the shirt and beard are Fudd enough…let’s try plaid.”
    This is the sort of thing you get when a committee from the Beltway area creates an ad to appeal to what they envision as their supporters. You get a caricature. It’s never easy.

    Sticking to guns could be a problem. We know Hillary’s position, but Trump has held all positions on guns.

  5. KM Says:

    If the issue is taking away a God given constitutionally guaranteed right, what more “single issue” do I need to look at?

    Any buthole that thinks that it’s OK to belittle and diminish one right won’t hesitate to chip away at another.

  6. SayUncle Says:

    No, JTC, as I said, it’s not about guns. I don’t give money to the NRA for Benghazi stuff.

  7. Will Says:


    I’ve been disgusted with the NRA for a long time, due to their obvious focus on NOT winning, but maintaining the status quo on gun laws. They do that to keep the money rolling in, to line the pockets of the “leadership” there. I’m approaching my third decade of membership, and them seeming to be finally pulling their head out of their ass is refreshing. It remains to be seen if they screw this up, too. Of course, if things reach a point that the rest of the nation looks like CA gunwise, then their ricebowl will be toast. I suspect that this possibility is what is driving this apparent change.

  8. JTC Says:

    But it is about guns, Unc. Benghazi is politics, politics is guns, and guns is politics. Inextricable.

    And if you think NRA and guns is not about politics, just wait for the beast to show you otherwise. NRA and your guns will be her first target so to speak. Not a damn thing wrong with them fighting for their survival and your rights with some pre-emptive political attack.

    Because guns is politics, so it damn sure is about guns.

  9. Linoge Says:

    The NRA’s willing to crawl onboard the “no guns for terrorists” bandwagon.

    Keeping it to just the guns is going to be a losing proposition for them at this point, so they trot out this idiocy.