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Someone needs to fact check the talking points

A bit back Obama referred to a Glock with “a lot of clips in it”.

Now, noted gun expert James Carville:

I was in the Marine Corps. I have guns. I grew up rural. Why do I need a 40-clip magazine?

A marine would know that’s not how it works.

10 Responses to “Someone needs to fact check the talking points”

  1. Nylarthotep Says:

    I’ll go out on a limb and bet that he does know better. But he’s to much of a political hack/tool to be honest about it. Instead he plays the “you’re all imbeciles” card, which is the norm for those carrying that narrative.

  2. Mark Matis Says:

    His wife, the noted “conservative” Mary Matalin, must have forgotten to help him. Or maybe she’s just another Rove Republican POS.

  3. Mike V Says:

    To give him a possible benefit of the doubt, he’s old enough to have used a Garand in the Corps.

  4. Heath J Says:

    The Corps attracts idiot posers like the porch light does bugs.

    Then you have the teeny fraction that actually served and are just fucking tools (read POGs)

  5. Heath J Says:

    I need to amend that last bit, by no means are all pogs useless or tools, Just the ones that end up democrat politicians.

  6. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    It’s my understanding that one does not say “I was in the Marine Corps”. One says “I’m a Marine”. (Once a Marine, always a Marine.)

    Anyone care to confirm or correct? (My military service was elsewhere.)

    And yes, statements like that keep tempting me to photograph an old magazine filled to overflowing with paper clips…

  7. Chas Says:

    Carville, aka “Serpenthead”, was just plain nuts years ago, but he can still parrot the talking points.

  8. Lyle Says:

    There’s the “Need” test again. If I want a 40-clip magazine then I have the right to buy or build one.

    My Guns, My Choice.

  9. Sigivald Says:

    Re. Mark V’s comment, yeah, “why would anyone need a magazine storing 40 8 round en-bloc clips for a Garand?”

    Because racecar, Comrade Carville.

    And because @#%@^ you.

  10. Linoge Says:

    I want a forty-clip magazine.

    I’m not sure how I’d carry 400 rounds in an AR, but I’d love to try.

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