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John McCain being John McCain

McCain proposes the colossally wasteful and stupid idea of destroying surplus 1911s. These could, potentially, be CMP guns and the government could actually make money. Who doesn’t want a gun that may have been carried in a war?

17 Responses to “John McCain being John McCain”

  1. Ron W Says:

    But like those surplus M1 rifles from South Korea, they “may fall into the wrong hands”–like government officials who want to destroy them!!

  2. Deaf Smith Says:

    And that is why McCain lost the election. I’d take Trump over McCain. Yes he was a brave man, but a bad Senator.

  3. Stretch Says:

    A buddy encountered McCain at parade a few years ago. He addressed him as “Captain McCain.”
    “That’s Senator now.”
    “Yes, but I prefer to remember your honorable career.”
    He thought McCain was gonna stroke out right there.

  4. Mike V Says:

    He has never been a friend to gun owners.

  5. Andrew Says:

    All those firearms, firearm parts, and old surplus ammo.

    What about all the old shotguns, bolt action rifles, old Berettas that aren’t being used anymore.

    Whole rifles that could be stripped for parts.

    God, can this stupid government even try to be fiscally responsible?

  6. aerodawg Says:

    I would drive my a$$ down to anniston tomorrow and buy 2 CMP 1911s…..

  7. qmony Says:

    Him being such a RINO for so many years, kinda makes me hate people from AZ for subjecting us to his BS for so many years.

  8. Mark Matis Says:

    You can thank the Rove Republicans, qmony. After all, it is THEY who get to decide who is on the ballot. And then sell same as the “lessor of two weevils”.

  9. Chas Says:

    Hydraulic vise. What’s left of John McCain’s nuts. Push the button.

  10. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “‘The government could actually make money’. That’s obscene! The purpose of government is to drive government spending to the 100% taxation that is communism! When Obama leaves office, he will have put 23 trillion dollars on the white man’s credit card. How cool is that? We commies own America! Ha! Ha! All your credit card are belong to us! Ha! Ha! And we’re spending your money as fast as we can! Ha! Ha!”

  11. Jim Says:

    I’ve said it begs but I will say it again: those guns are likely shot out.

    During work up, our 1911’s would see 1000 rnds a day for a few weeks. Then a few hundred a day on average for a month or so then tons of deployment abuse. Our youngest frame was crime 1955. My unit was the only unit in the Corps that still had and used them in the TOE. I was led to believe that to maintain our armory we were cannibalizing what was left over from before the beretta.

    Would love one as a wall hanger.

    F mcgramps.

  12. JTC Says:

    From my comment on the subject at DBD, where someone else spoke of age and condition as justification of this ignorance:

    “…it will save money by re-purposing the weapons.”

    Lessee now, scrap steel melt value @ .50 lb. X 2.4 lbs = $1.20 per 1911

    CMP value (and old is a feature not a flaw for 1911’s, even poorly maintained ones have a couple hundred in parts value) = $200-$500 per.

    I wish it was bad math on the part of Maverick that would make him suggest such a thing, but there is only one reason a liberal like him and other dims and gopes want to melt a gun and that’s to take it out of the civilian arsenal. Fucking idiot.

  13. Fred Says:

    I carried one of those puppies on Ships Self Defense Force. We bet our lives on them, less than 20 years ago. Um, some of them are still good.

  14. Jeffersonian Says:

    I have begged my Arizona living sister (and her family) to vote against this worthless POS for 10 years. He is awful. He is worthless. He is the very definition of the term RINO. Her response? well who else would we vote for? He’s good for Arizona.

    Ummm. No. He’s not! He isn’t. He’s terrible for America, Arizona, and rational conservative thought everywhere.

    I can’t even believe this frickin’ dinosaur isn’t dead of old age yet. He must be 80 thousand years old and he’s been dying since Vietnam.

    Please drive him out of the Senate. I’d be more than willing to tolerate an impotent Freshman Democrat
    rather than this worthless Fuc*.

  15. DaveP. Says:

    Remember folks: “Conservative Enough “.

  16. Kevin Baker Says:

    I have been reliably informed on Facebook that “Everybody who owns guns secretly wants to murder people.” So there’s that.

  17. Bill Twist Says:

    Hand them out to gays in Florida (after a NICS check, of course). Kill two birds with one stone.

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