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Oh, my

George Takei, whose 15 minutes are about up, wrote a piece advocating gun control, making factual errors, and warning the NRA not to go messing with the gay community. His assumptions, of course, is that the gay community is universally behind his calls for disarmament. The gun community responded by offering free firearms training to members of the LGBT community.

Also, it bugs me that a man whose government put his family in an internment camp can support gun control.

9 Responses to “Oh, my”

  1. Fred Says:

    I sent Erin an email couple of hours ago. I don’t see my contact up yet but she is probably swamped.

  2. Mike V Says:

    I sent 1 a little later with the same result Fred. If she had a day job, could be at work, depending on time zone & shift.

  3. Linoge Says:

    Last I heard (and I’m one of Erin’s designated data-entry monkeys), she’s got a pile of about 100 emails and 60 FB messages to go through.

    Please feel free to send me information to go up on the map: graphicalrepresentationblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

  4. JohnG Says:

    I notice George did not go warning ISIS not to mess with the gay community. It is a lot easier to warn off groups you know are not going to do anything to you and yours.

  5. Fred Says:

    Email sent.

  6. Fred Says:

    thanks, Linoge.

  7. Will Says:

    He’s an actor. That group has a higher proportion of people who aren’t wrapped real tight, compared to the general population. Add in his second qualifier of being gay, and this adds another enhancement to that possibility.

    If you haven’t watched any of the actor “roasts” specials that include him as a participant, consider yourself lucky. Don’t bother. You will not retain a positive perception of him as a person. Sad.

  8. TS Says:

    I have a lot of gay friends, and one thing I noticed is how the vast majority are far left, including on gun rights. I get that if you’re gay the gay rights issue is going to be your top issue, or even single issue and that will drive you towards democrats over republicans. Makes sense. But why would being gay have anything to do with your stance on fiscal issues? Or gun rights? Yet so many in my experience fall lock step in line with liberal policies (arguing for “free” college and to ban “assault weapons”). I believe this is displaying the general heard mentality that humans possess. Humans indentify with a group and then get in line. They start hating the other side because of the issues they are passionate about, and feel they are liars, so anything they say must be a lie and next thing you know, they are marching right along. This natural division into sides is ultimately what causes humans to be a warring species.

  9. TS Says:

    Basically Takei says we must balance rights with security and speaks about both the first amendment and second amendment in this regard. To give him credit, he acknowledges that there is already a line drawn with the 2A (at full auto). When most antis use this argument they pretend there is no line and that they want to ban machine guns. But then he concludes that we must move the line for the 2A, but for the 1A it’s cool where it is. Why? Why not also conclude that we must take a little bit for free speech away, or a little bit more religious freedoms away from homophobic Muslims and Christians? Should we say… make it a crime to spread homophobic ideas? Surely he doesn’t approve of gay hate speech, so why not also ban it along with assault weapons? What’s so special about the 1A? Does it have something to do with the fact that he uses that right?