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Facing the facts

This: There Really is No Policy Solution to Tragedies Like Orlando, and It Can Hurt to Seek One

4 Responses to “Facing the facts”

  1. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    There is a solution: shoot back.

    Policy–encourage people to carry guns: above the line tax deductions for gun training, tax deductions for carry guns and holsters, sales tax immunity if you are carrying a gun, inter alia.

  2. Kristophr Says:

    Shoot back, and deport immigrants that raise their children to be vipers.

  3. dustydog Says:

    Step 1: don’t let poor useless people immigrate to the US. Not from muslim countries, not from Africa, not from Central and South America.
    Step 2: don’t let anybody in from Muslim countries, unless they have really been helping the US military, or they post a million dollar bond (because we like rich Saudis).
    Step 3: infringe upon the civil rights of muslims: immigrants, and anybody who has travelled to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afganistan, Somalia, the troublesome parts of India, Myanamar, etc.
    Step 4: infringe upon the civil rights of people who have attend radical mosques in the US.

    The feds did it to the KKK, infiltrating hate groups including prostestant churches as needed, with great results. Time to bring that can-do attitude back.

    Step 5: actively work to identify and fire criminals from the the political appointee system, then the GS system, focusing on people with terror sympathy, and seize their passports. Then do the same with contractors. Spousal abuse? Lock’em up and take their guns. Violated US laws on foreign travel, and/or laws on treason? Lock’em up and take their guns.

  4. PhilnTX Says:

    The same 50 people shooting back at the islamic terrorist would have fried his bacon in very short order…instead of becoming victims.