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And that’s why I went with the M&P

Tam is breaking up with her Crimson Trace Light and Laser guards:

Unfortunately, when I switched to the Glock earlier this year, I discovered that the shape of the Glock Lightguard was not as friendly, especially during extended shooting sessions. By the end of the first day of the Contextual Handgun: Armed Parent/Guardian class in Topeka back in April, I had the worst case of “Glock Knuckle” I’ve ever had. I’m not normally susceptible to the malady, but with the addition of the Lightguard, the second knuckle on my shooting hand was slathered in Liquid Skin and wrapped in Bandaids by the end of the class.

I started carrying M&Ps because I really liked the Lasergrip that I shot at Gun Blogger Summer Camp. I liked the laser as both a sight and a training aid (seriously, trying to hold the laser steady while shooting will change your shooting). The laser just fits the M&P. There’s nothing to add bulk and it comes on when I grip the gun. On the Glock, it adds width to the grip. Someone in the industry told me that the way the Lasergrip fit the Glock, that the laser could pivot and lose zero. Never had any experience with that myself but it seems plausible.

And I see no downside to having a small light on the gun, so I like the Lightguard as well. Sure, it’s not the brightest light but there’s no downside I can see to running one (BUT YOU’ll GIVE AWAY YOUR POSITION!!!!11eleven – Ed.). As a side note regarding all the Lumens, I think I may have put too many lumens on my AR. The Streamlight is rather large.

I had almost exclusively Glock pistols before I got turned on to the lights and lasers. But those just don’t work on the Glock. Yet. If Crimson Trace comes out with a laser that replaces the Gen 4 backstraps, then that’d be something to consider.

4 Responses to “And that’s why I went with the M&P”

  1. Old NFO Says:

    Guess I’m too much of an old dog… I don’t do lasers because I don’t trust any batteries not to fail when I REALLY need them…

  2. Tam Says:

    Ninjas don’t take your irons away when you put the laser on, Old NFO. 😉

  3. McThag Says:

    The silly part for me is I got my M&P for carry instead of my Glock because Tam gave them such an excellent thumbs up.

    I remain on the fence about lasers to the point of not spending the money to find out. Too far up the pyramid from where I am, I think.

  4. Tam Says:

    The silly part for me is I got my M&P for carry instead of my Glock because Tam gave them such an excellent thumbs up.

    I don’t get it. Why is that silly? I think the M&P is a fine carry gun.