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From the NRA floor: Whip it. Whip it good.

So, I saw this interesting looking gizmo at the NRA AM:


It’s the Leupold D-EVO. Here’s another angle that may make what it accomplishes more clear:


Basically, the spot you look into is offset from the glass. And you mount your red dot or holographic sight in front of it. So, you can either look through the D-EVO and have a magnified 6x scope on your rifle. Then, without flipping switches, moving your head, or tilting your gun, you have access to red dot sight. Merely by moving your eyeball. Hard to explain but here’s a video of it in action:

11 Responses to “From the NRA floor: Whip it. Whip it good.”

  1. Fred Says:

    I like that, a lot.

  2. Deaf Smith Says:

    Two grand?

  3. wizardpc Says:

    They have one of these on a rental m&p15 at the indoor range I go to. It’s super nifty but I cannot justify the price

  4. Josh Says:

    I like it a lot; but not 1,949.99 coppers. I think I can manage to flick a magnifier for that price.

  5. Kevin Baker Says:

    That’s the price of a good Nightforce optic.

    Still, pretty damned interesting idea.

  6. Publius Says:

    I think I’d like one to play with, but I don’t know if I’d want to use it all the time. It might be one of those things that grows on you, though.

  7. dagamore Says:

    thats a $3300 setup, its ~2K for the d-evo and another $1300 for the LCO. It might be a damn good idea, and a damn nice setup, but I dont see it as a 3300$ nice setup.

  8. John Hardin Says:

    Interesting idea, but… it looks to me like that $2k optic is directly in the path of ejecting brass… Do they have one where the optic hangs off the *left* side of the rifle?

  9. Pastafarian Says:

    Very cool, but I think I’ll wait til they offer a little more magnification than 6x. And until the price comes down to, say, just the price of the rifle itself, rather than 3 times the damned rifle I’d put this thing on.

    That pricing is baffling to me. Seriously: With big companies like this, pricing is usually only loosely related to cost. Of course, they have to cover their cost; but the fact that one product retails for 50% more than another, does not mean that it costs 50% more to make.

    So either this thing costs 6 times what it costs to make a Leupold Rifleman 3-9×50 scope…which seems unlikely…or someone at that company thought that it would be a cagey marketing move to ask $1950 for this optic with 6x and 1x, because, I guess, people would think “you get what you pay for” and they’d sell enough of these at that higher price point, and higher margin, to make more money than they would have if they had instead priced it at, say, $600.

    I cannot picture more than a few hundred people on earth willing to fork over $1950 for this optic. I think they’ve screwed up here.

  10. John Hardin Says:

    @pasta: It’s not even $2k for 6x *and* 1x – you have to provide the 1x (or whatever you prefer) sight separately.

  11. Lyle Says:

    A boutique item will always cost more than a standard item of similar quality. Don’t knock their price. R & D costs a hell of a lot. If you expect to sell a million copies you can recover your initial setup costs over that large number of units and sell them for relatively little. If you expect to sell one such unique item it may cost fifty or a hundred thousand dollars. Somewhere in between, the retail price will be somewhat high. Economy of scale. That’s how I just got a new flip phone for forty bucks– it has thousands of times more computing power than was aboard Apollo Eleven.

    If you want more than 6x, I’d need a pretty detailed explanation of why. For Boomershoot I’ve used up to 14x, and as little as 4x fixed power. There’s a little bit of difference but not a deal killer of a difference. All the actual hunting I’ve done was with 1x.

    You know you can get one of the mini reflex sights and place it a little off to one side of your 100 dollar, Chinese, 40x deep space telescope. If the Leupold price scares you and you’re into that sort of thing.

    Bindon Aiming Concept. It works. Try it. BAC with a 6x is pushing the envelop, but with 4x it’s readily doable with little practice. I’m more interested in a simple, daylight illuminated reticle of some kind on a 3x or 4x fixed power scope. That way your scope is also your 1x close quarters aiming device.

    The old, fixed-power, nominal around nine inch eye relief, 2.5x Scout Scope, if it had a daylight illuminated reticle, would be one of the best all-around self defense and hunting optics, says I. No one makes one of serious quality. Hint, hint. And by the way it’d be simpler, lighter, smaller and less expensive than the new gizmo. Hint, hint. And you’re already 95% to 99% tooled up for it. Hunt, hint.