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End of an era

Every time I make it to the NRA convention, I always head to the Brownells booth first thing to say hello to the nicest man in the industry, Larry Weeks. This is the first year he wasn’t there. I guess he’s really retired now instead of retired and working when he wanted to.

4 Responses to “End of an era”

  1. KevinC Says:

    He is missed.

  2. NotClauswitz Says:

    Maybe we can get him to come to the Gunblogger Rendezvous again? Heh.

  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    The last couple of years he’s been RO’ing for USPSA matches or some such.

  4. Larry Weeks Says:

    Haven’t ROd in a couple of years. Saturday nights I work on a friend’s sprint car at Knoxville (there’s only one that matters and it is in IOWA). On Sunday’s I’ve been helping coach the Scholastic Pistol program at the Brownells range. 14 high school kids shooting 4 stages of Steel Challenge with 9mm pistols. After the SASP program stops for the year (early June) I hope to get to a few local 3-gun matches to tune up for the Rockcastle Pro Am in August and Generation III Gun in September. Add in some fishing (just learning) and shuttling cars for a local dealer – to auctions and other dealers and I keep busy. Roy Hill will take good care of you, he’s smart, loves guns and actually cares about doing a good job.

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