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At the NRA convention

Chris Cox just announced the NRA’s official endorsement of Donald Trump. The collective groans around me were audible. There may have been a few “are you kidding me”s.

27 Responses to “At the NRA convention”

  1. mikee Says:

    I’d rather go with the guy who the Republican Congress will fight against than the gal that same Congress would roll over and bark like a dog for without being asked.

  2. Phelps Says:

    Remember how long our memories were for people who shit on us for demanding our gun rights?

    That’s the same memories that will apply when we start thinking about who shit on us for supporting Trump.

  3. Dirk Says:

    Well, who the hell else could they endorse?

  4. TM Says:


    They could have endorsed no one. Or even the libertarian candidate since they’re generally pro-individual rights which tends to include gun rights.

    Personally, I’d rather they had taken a strong political stand and endorsed no one. Who knows, it might have set off a spark of large organizations that traditionally endorse a party’s candidates to say this election “no more”.

    Of course, pig could fly …

  5. Bobby Says:

    They are a single-issue organization.

    Hillary is antithetical to the position. Plus they endorsed fkn Reed, and he’s worse than Trump.

  6. beatbox Says:

    Seriously? No need to do that now

  7. beatbox Says:

    On further thought, considering the NRA’s love affair with dingbat Sarah Palin, this makes perfect sense

  8. Dirk Says:


    Understand that I’m not really a Trump supporter, though I’m definitely in the “Anybody but Hillary” camp. That said, the one thing that could end up putting her in office, IMHO, is a divided vote. Your suggestion could well contribute to that happening.

    We *know* what she wants to do. While Trump has only been making pro-gun noises recently, it seems that he’s not just doing that to get elected. I’ve seen anti-gunners become pro-gunners, but it’s vanishingly rare for that change to go the other way.

  9. Linoge Says:

    For every good thing the NRA does, they go and pull nonsense like this.

  10. FiftycalTX Says:

    So sorry your boy Jeb! came up as a limp dick. Now we either vote Trump or Hitlery. You chose.

  11. Fred Says:

    Does he have an (R)? Of course the NRA endorsed him. They deserve each other.

  12. DaveP. Says:

    Trump won. Cruz lost, and for good reasons. Now y’all can get the hell over it, act like adults start working on how to reform the Republican Party and the Conservative movement so people actually WANT to vote for them… or keep on replaying how the Democrats acted towards GWB and for basically the same reasons. Your choice.

  13. Richard Says:

    I am neither a fan of Trump, nor for that matter, a Republican, although I have voted Republican now for many years. If a hopeless, filthy alcoholic with urine soaked, soiled trousers and vomit down the front of his shirt were dragged from the gutter to run against Hillary Clinton, I would unflinching vote for him/her.

  14. Tirno Says:

    Really, Hillary maneuvered the NRA into endorsing Trump. If she hadn’t gone full bore with “My biggest enemy in the world is an American civil rights organization and Wall Street (except the ones supporting me, nice company you have there, shame if it caught fire)”, the NRA could have done something like “He hasn’t an elected record on the subject we could point to, and he’s supported policies we oppose in the past, so, all in all, he’s the lesser of two evils, but we’re not endorsing him”.

    Instead, when one party is running the candidate that has declared the organization her Enemy Number 1, the NRA really only has a choice of going for full throated support of the candidate with the highest likelihood of beating her, with apologies to Gary Johnson.

    If she had declared the NHL to be Enemy Number 1, I think hockey would suddenly have a very different tone.

    It doesn’t matter that Wall Street is Enemy Number 2. They’ll pay the vig. She won’t bite the ones that are up to date on their protection dues.

    Trump, for his part, is making it easy for them to make that endorsement. He’s saying the right things, no matter what his actual policy preferences are, and HE SHOWED UP TO THEIR CONVENTION TO SAY THEM. It’s almost like there’s a deal to be made, and he knows how he’s going to make it. Maybe he should write a book about that.

    I’m still going to vote for Johnson in the general. My state’s going to for Hillary, unless Bern goes third party in which case the Commie vote is going to split, and then I’ll vote Trump hoping he’ll hit a winning 35% but swear blind I voted for Johnson.

  15. Deaf Smith Says:

    I voted for Cruz here in Texas but yes, I’ll back Trump.

    If you don’t like Trump you can vote for Hillary, Bernie, or stay at home (which is the same as voting for them.)

    Up to you Kemosabes.

  16. SPQR Says:

    I’m #NeverTrump but Tirno is right.

  17. Linoge Says:

    “If you donít like Trump you can vote for Hillary, Bernie, or stay at home (which is the same as voting for them.)”


  18. Michael Says:

    Mikee has it exactly backwards. When T does his inevitable roll-dog maneuver and starts talking “common sense” nonsense, whose gonna oppose him? The same RINOs in congress now lining up to endorse him? Fat chance. At least I can trust that they’ll fight Hil.

    Apparently the NRA isn’t very familiar with his business history. I know T is talking a good game the past few months, but you can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth, and he flip-flops the moment he comes under the slightest heat. This will come around hard.

    They coulda played him like Ryan is, withhold an endorsement, but leave the possibility there in order to keep him in line. Ryan is the only person who has showed any ability to keep T on a leash, NRA is selling out our rights.

    I’ll remember this.

    Do we know who on the board voted for or against endorsement?

  19. Lawrence Person Says:

    Trump does, in fact, meet the excessively low threshold of “sucks less than Hillary.” And, on guns, he sucks a whole lot less. I prefer a guy who doesn’t care but is at least willing to suck up to Second Amendment activists to one actively hostile to civilian gun ownership.

    As I note: If Trump wins, Republicans will hold at least one house of congress for sure, so no gun control legislation is going to get through for at least two years.

  20. qmony Says:

    #NeverTrump is pro-Hillary, and Hillary will abolish the 2nd Amendment through activist Supreme appointments. So pull your head out and get with the program or you might as well sell your guns now rather than have them confiscated later.

  21. Ron W Says:

    Trump is, from what he says, much more pro gun than the last several Republican candidates. Romney had an anti gun record as MA governor and George W. Bush supported renewing the Clinton AWB. Fortunately the more conservative Republican House leadership didn’t bring it up for a vote and it sunsetted in Sept 2004.

  22. Phelps Says:

    Anyone who ever mocked liberals for Bush Derangement Syndrome needs to either put on his big boy pants and treat Trump like an actual human being and not a Family Guy parody, or seek treatment for TDS.

    When your reaction is the same as the writer’s room at The Daily Show, it doesn’t mean that TDS was suddenly right about something. They are never right.

  23. Richard Says:

    Trump is, from what he says, {while running for the nomination} much more pro gun than the last several Republican candidates. FIFY

  24. Oliver Says:

    Geeze, I hated (and still hate) (and can’t stand) Trump, but come on, HRC?? Don’t be stupid and waste a vote on a candidate that won’t win and will guarantee a ultra-liberal scotus.

  25. Patrick Henry, the 2nd Says:

    @mikee Why in the hell would the GOP Congress fight Trump? No, they will roll over for Trump, and fight Clinton. Trump will get UBCs passed because he wants them.

    @FiftyCalTX- I reject your false choice. I will never vote for Trump or Clinton.

  26. bobby Says:

    I love when I hear someone say that the republican congress would fight hillary or trump.

    The only thing they fight is the conservative wing of the party.

  27. tincankilla Says:

    i don’t get all the hatred around here for Trump. he beat the pants off every other GOP candidate AND did it while being incredibly clear and consistent on his 2A position. He might be a wild card, but he’s 1000x better than Clinton. If anything, it’s his police/military worship that troubles me, as it’s just another on ramp to the gun control highway.

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