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A civil rights victory

Cali court rules that the right to buy and sell guns is protected by the second amendment.

David Hardy calls it a “great ruling

5 Responses to “A civil rights victory”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Certainly the people’s declared right to keep and bear arms, which means carry, implies the right to acquire arms.

  2. Fred Says:

    The right to mutually a beneficial, private, agreed upon trade falls under the second amendment? Who cares that it’s a gun, it’s private property.

  3. Fred Says:

    oops, it’s misplace your ‘a’ day.

  4. mikee Says:

    However, the dicta from Heller that noted the narrow nature of the question before the court, which now is used to declare any and all regulations of firearms constitutional (other than the DC handgun ban), will be used to “regulate” the sale of firearms much like Chicago and DC do so now.

  5. qmony Says:

    That’s great, but in CA, one cannot buy just any gun. It has to be on the CA DOJ “approved” list, which is getting shorter everyday.

    This should be the next thing fixed.