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Subsonic 22LR

Interesting. I’ve never tried the Aquila 60 grain but have heard it’s not for autoloaders. And keyholes at about 20 yards.

11 Responses to “Subsonic 22LR”

  1. Tam Says:

    Most .22LR barrels don’t have a fast enough twist to stabilize those bullets.

    People shoot them through suppressors and wind up getting baffle strikes.

  2. Witt Sullivan Says:

    I’ve got a couple of boxes of the Aguila subsonic ammo. From what I have experienced, at 50 feet through a CZ rifle, it’s about as accurate as any other .22 cartridge out there, I didn’t notice any keyholing. I haven’t tried it on paper past 50 feet.
    My buddy brought his Ruger SR22 pistol and his Ruger 50th anniversary 10/22 over one day with his .22 suppressor. We tried various types of ammo through them. They all made a “pop” noise, not truly silent, of course. Then I brought out the subsonic Aguila. Both the guns functioned flawlessly and it was spooky quiet. In the rifle you heard the click of the firing pin and the bullet hit the target. Similar results in the pistol, except it’s slide was louder than the rifle’s bolt.

  3. jack burton Says:

    I use them to take raccoons off the back porch without disturbing the neighborhood. With a max distance of 20 feet I don’t have many problems

  4. Tam Says:

    Unless your .22 has a twist faster than the standard 1:16, you shoot Aguila 60gr SSS through suppressors at your own risk. All the “Well, me and my buddy did…” doesn’t negate the laws of physics.

    If you get a baffle strike and trash your can, don’t come crying to me.

  5. Jim Says:

    Shot them through a P22 with a 6″can of some type that I can’t remember with only half a cup of joe.

    Keyholed every round. Killed the shit out of opossum though. Impact was louder than shot. Worried about baffle strike so those don’t come off the shelf anymore. Plus, all .22LR is subsonic out of a P22.

  6. Jim W Says:

    The problem is that no one makes a 1:7 barrel for a 22 pistol or I would use those exclusively.

  7. Tam Says:

    Given the ubiquity of suppressed P22s, you’d think that would be a huge untapped market segment. :/

  8. mikee Says:

    I personally know that they won’t cycle the slide of Beretta .22LR Bobcat reliably, and keyhole out of that very short barrel in about 5 yards.

  9. Sid Says:

    I have not tried this brand. My experience with subsonic or low noise .22LR is not good. My son’s M&P 15-22 would not cycle well and my daughter’s Ruger 10-22 would not cycle at all. We did fire them out of my son’s Crickett bolt action but accuracy suffered.

    Maybe, these bullets are better. But I will have to see more reviews before I try again. Also, I am considering a suppressor as our next big purchase and I think that will solve our concern for noise.

  10. Thirdpower Says:

    I use them in my bolt action Marlin w/ no issues. Never really tested range but it’s well over 20′

  11. emdf Says:

    Standard velocity 40gr .22 is about 950 – 100fps. Very quite in my Savage Bolt gun with its integral suppressor. And pretty damn accurate as well.