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Headline: Pepper Spray Flies During Trump Protest Clash in California

Four paragraphs in, you learn the spray was used on the pro-Trump contingent. If you read the headline and first few lines only, you’d think the opposite.

4 Responses to ““journalism””

  1. Fred Says:

    Or it would have read; “Trump supporters pepper spray innocent, defenseless, little children who were just looking for some food for the their elderly, disabled, grand parents”

  2. Stretch Says:

    “Trump Inspires Violence”
    At least that’s what my local PBS station says.

  3. dustydog Says:

    4th sentence, not 4th paragraph.

  4. mikee Says:

    If one is going to be denounced as a pepper sprayer, one might as well spray as much pepper spray as possible, before the next denunciation.

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