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I’ve been thinking about a wheelgun

Snubby ballistics

7 Responses to “I’ve been thinking about a wheelgun”

  1. Erik Says:

    Please please please get one! Blog about the journey in great detail so you can help me😜. I want one not so much to carry in public as I do around the house. Something to toss in a pocket while mowing the yard. Help us Uncle, your our only hope.

  2. Huck Says:

    Just get a Smith and Wesson model 10. It’s barrel is only 1 1/2 inches longer than a snubby and it’s easy to carry concealed. Though you’d need a big pocket if you wanted to carry one that way.

  3. Alien Says:

    Snubby Pro Tip: Whichever one you get, get it in 357 magnum. You will always use 38 Special ammo in it, and if it’s an Airweight (mine’s a 340PD) you won’t like shooting 38 Special but you’ll hate using any 357 mag ammo in it (Cor-Bon +P 125 grain 357 in the 340 is like catching a major league pitcher’s fastball bare-handed). You will, however, have one more ammo option than just a 38 Special revolver, and sometimes more horsepower is just what’s needed. And Crimson Trace lasergrips on a snubby are worth every penny.

    For lawn mowing duties, depending on local flora and fauna, consider the first round up being a shot cartridge. And carry a speedloader with a full reload no matter what.

  4. nk Says:

    You can’t go wrong with a S&W Model 36, or one of its concealed hammer variants, except that they’re pricey. They’ll handle +P, just not as as steady diet on the range. It’s not a range gun anyway. I was comfortable with Remington 158gr SWC.

    The Taurus 85 is nice enough, too, at a decent price. I had an older one with full-size wood grips.

  5. DaveP. Says:

    Allow me to put in a plug for Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel. In every test I’ve seen it does a very reliable job of expanding even through a “heavy cloth” target… not all hollowpoints will, out of a 2″ .38.
    I’ve carried a Smith 442 in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster for almost a decade now and the combo works just fine.

  6. Jim Brack Says:

    For those who have not seen this, you may find this helpful in determining what ammo to use in a short barrel auto. Unfortunately, they didn’t test the revolver calibers of 38/357.

  7. The Neon Madman Says:

    You should have a couple. A nice snubby if you want one to carry, and then a good Smith K frame, just for fun. Really, you need the Smith. Because.