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Charts and graphs

This chart doesn’t surprise me much. Though I do wonder where the financial trades (finance, accounting, etc.) fall. And I wonder what the chart would look like for skilled trades.

3 Responses to “Charts and graphs”

  1. Fred Says:

    Apparently “stay in school” now means to make a career of it I guess.

  2. HL Says:

    I know we like to pick on anyone who isn’t in STEM, but the real story is that there is a job shortage across the board. Computer Science is the only thing with a glut, and those jobs are being given to foreigners either in the country, or worse, offshore.

    It is further disgusting that because of the ready availability a of low-cost foreign workforce, the only education that is tenable for the average american is STEM, with no time or tolerance for Arts and soft sciences. The STEM diploma and Mao Suit can be issued at the same ceremony.

    More drones for the colony. Specialization is for insects. What have we become?

    I do not doubt that Liberal Arts degrees have become worthless, but as a staple of culture, is at the core of what is destroying ours! Politics is downstream of culture. Pretty much everything is downstream of culture. Much of what shapes our culture comes from the Liberal Arts crowd…and it has been ceded entirely to the extreme Left, who hate traditional American culture and values.

    So while “The Right” either sends their kids off to STEM to get a good job, or self-selects it, the “The Left” owns Liberal Arts and Entertainment and drives the culture to the eventual ruin of us all.

  3. Jake Says:

    “Engineering” is a bit too broad a category to be valid for this chart. As someone pointed out in comments there, “there is a massive demand for Chemical/Electrical Engineers with a huge shortfall of people, with Mechanical/Electronic being a bit more filled”.

    Someone with a degree in civil engineering isn’t going to be able to fill a position as a chemical or electrical engineer. An aerospace engineer is probably going to be lousy at filling a civil engineering position, and so on. There’s a lot of overlap, but there’s also just too much specialized training among the various fields of engineering to lump it all together.

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