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This guy, again

Starting to really like his videos:

4 Responses to “This guy, again”

  1. LKP Says:

    Okay, I had to laugh. “Krinkachu, I choose you!” cracked me up. And of course, “It’s me phuc”. He really doesn’t like 7.62 x 39, does he. I think that had a lot to do with Soviet military tactics at the time. They charged in close while shooting, casualties be damned. These days, Russian parents won’t let them throw their sons’ lives away like that.

  2. Jim Scrummy Says:

    Phuc Long cracks me up! Yep, nothing is getting done today, now I have to watch all his “videos”.

  3. MD Person Says:

    Phuc Long.

    Is this the guy FB kept banning because they though his name was an attempt at porn trolling?

  4. Fred Says:

    He’s funny. All the tough-guys are soooooooo serious. I like him too.

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