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The internet of things


Bitter and I were talking this morning about how this doesnt feel like the same country as it was a decade ago. Its easy to blame Obama, given his penchant for trolling middle America, but I think the problem goes deeper than that. Its easy to blame Cable News and Talk Radio, but those all existed for several decades, and it didnt make people all that much nastier. Some might argue that its the result of the self-esteem generation coming of age, but I dont think things get this bad this quickly with generational turnover.

Anymore, I kind of watch the whole political process as an interested outsider. And I laugh because, as someone I know said, BEST ELECTION EVER. I can’t disagree, from an entertainment perspective.

Where are we going and why am I in a handbasket?

12 Responses to “The internet of things”

  1. Veeshir Says:

    I gotta disagree.
    ’08 was more entertaining, and hilarious.

    Think about it, Hillary! was outsleazed and the media treated her like a Republican.

    The capper was that it gave us Vice President Joe Biden.

    I will say the end of the primary season could become far funnier depending on exactly how slimy and incompetent the GOP gets to take down Trump.

  2. nk Says:

    It’s the baby-boomers. Which is my generation, BTW. The, hedonistic, living off the sweat and blood of their parents and grandparents generation, getting lazy, fat, and soft, and whining about it. They sucked the lifeblood out of our country.

  3. Ratus Says:

    This is the best handbasket ever, it’s yuge.


  4. JTC Says:

    “Where are we going and why am I in a handbasket?”

    Wherever we go the disintegration of TPWCAUTB (The Party Where Conservatives Americans Used To Be)indeed makes it the BEST ELECTION EVER!

    As to why you’re in a handbasket? Because your friend said she’s in one, and you must go along?

  5. HL Says:

    We are seeing the end-game of a process that began decades ago. It has taken 50 years for leftist cultural rot to fully seep into the foundation of not only our country, but our civilization.

    Like Titanic, we have taken on a lot of water without much of a “visual” clue as to the level of distress we are in. Then the tipping point…and the ship goes down swiftly.

  6. mikee Says:

    I remember the Carter years. There is every reason to be hopeful that this, too, shall pass and we shall overcome.

  7. NotClauswitz Says:

    What nk said, and HL – the Boomers, and I am a late tail-gun Charlie on that last flight out of Sanityville. We let cultural marxism slide because we were to lazy to fight it and the advanced guard marched right through the Halls of Institutions, up onto the doorstep instead of rightfully getting punched in the nose and shoved into a locker all throughout the formative phase.

  8. HL Says:

    mikee, I hope you are right. The demographics have changed MIGHTILY since then, though. The Moral majority isn’t the Majority anymore. And they ain’t as moral as they used to be either.

    We are pretty well following a similar trajectory to the Roman Empire. Once the ruling class started throwing traditional values aside to better appeal to the lazy masses, it was all over for them, too. I don’t think you can really come back from that without tearing the whole thing down and starting over.

  9. JTC Says:

    Dead-center boomer, born in ’54…yeah I’ll take my share of the blame for pissing away what my parents’ Greatest Gen handed us on a silver platter. Complacency is almost always destructive, even deadly.

    And even when the sixties and seventies almost did us in, mikee’s hopeful message of passing through and overcoming the dark days rings true, but almost entirely due to what came in the 80’s. And then we pissed that opportunity away too.

    This time around, not only are things much further along the self-destructive timeline to implosion, but there ain’t no Reagan coming around the bend. Myself, I have hope but not much confidence…I actually believe that we are headed headlong into insurrection and collapse under Clinton v2.

    What a thing we have done to our own children.

  10. Mark Matis Says:

    In 1980, they also said there weren’t no Reagan coming around the bend, JTC. They lied. As they continue to do today. Back then it was the trusty Democrat party and the Rockefeller Republicans. Today the Rockefeller Republicans have been replaced by the Rove Republican swill. Only the name has changed.

    Reagan’s biggest failure was supporting Shrub I to replace him. That filthy GD POS had shown exactly what he was while campaigning against Reagan for the nomination in 1980, and hadn’t changed one damn bit by the end of Reagan’s second term. Hopefully if Trump wins the election, he will not make the same mistake.

  11. Paul B Says:

    The greatest generation set us up. They came back from WWII and decided war is bad and those socialists had something after all.

    They spoiled the boomers who then spoiled the millennial who then spoiled the genxers.

    It will not get better till we have a reset.

    Not sure what it will be. Could be one of 5 highly probable sources.

    It will be epic. Keep your powder dry and your vegetables cold.

  12. HL Says:

    Hey Paul, Gen X came before the Millennials. And I would argue that while Gen X was spoiled to a degree, they were the generation shattered by their parents divorcing at a 50% rate. They did grow up with the material comforts of the 80’s, but they got stuck with the bill for the Boomer’s “Free Love”.

    Gen X ain’t so bad. There is a generation that gets left out of the discussion, too. The Silent Generation are as much the parents of X as the Boomers.