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The democrat funding will continue

The supreme court split 4-4, thus upholding a lower court ruling that your employer can force you to pay union dues, which generally go to democrats.

When people go on about crony capitalism, this isn’t what they mean.

4 Responses to “The democrat funding will continue”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    Scalia’s death continues to be very convenient…

  2. Alien Says:

    Well, this may not be over….yet. IIRC, after Scalia died someone on or near SCOTUS said that with 8 members, all 50-50 splits would be reviewed when the ninth seat was refilled. If that’s the case, the decision will stand for now since it doesn’t change the lower court ruling, but may be revisited.

  3. Bill Twist Says:

    IS it the employers forcing you, or the unions that you don’t want to belong to in the first place?

  4. Jake Says:

    @Bill Twist: Both. The Union put it in their contract with the employer, but the employer agreed to it.