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Putting slogans on your guns: Good idea or bad?

In other news, the press didn’t get the memo that when the police have them they are “patrol rifles” and not “assault weapons”

So, a police officer wound up killing some guy. And his AR’s ejection port cover had engraved on the inside “you’re fucked”. This, apparently, may not sit well with the press, lawyer or a jury.

This may be one case where the Team America World Police ejection port would be less offensive.

13 Responses to “Putting slogans on your guns: Good idea or bad?”

  1. nk Says:

    An AR? The message is for the guy struggling to clear the jam with the bad guy taking a bead on him with a gun that works.

  2. Jim W Says:

    The inscription is completely irrelevant. I actually know an attorney with the SURPRISE COCKFAGS dust cover and it would be really unjust if someone who was involved in a good shoot were to get tagged with a murder charge over something stupid written in such an obscure location. It’s especially pathetic because we don’t even know who installed the dust cover in this case.

    What has me more concerned is the lack of attention being paid to the whole “unarmed guy on his hands and knees getting shot five times” issue. Why isn’t that the focus of the investigation?

  3. Publius Says:

    It shouldn’t matter, but that’s not the sort of thing I personally would want to have to explain to a jury either.

  4. Jim W Says:

    But if you can’t prove he had any knowledge of the dust cover, how can you introduce it as evidence of mental state?

  5. lucusloc Says:


    I agree, if a prosecutor chooses to marginalize a good shoot they will use whatever they can, relevant or not. That does not stop me from having a “Smile, wait for flash” muzzle device. I just hope the “Si vis pacem, para bellum” dust cover evens it out. . .

  6. Erik Says:

    Rules of evidence precludes prejudicial evidence. What relevant is he was arrested for murder. Bringing this up is just a lawyer with a mic soliciting a settlement. The police lose in the court of public opinion.

  7. Kevin P. Says:

    Jim W, the cop is not being prosecuted for a dust cover. He’s being prosecuted for shooting an unarmed man on his hands and knees five times.

  8. Old 1811 Says:

    I had almost the exact same discussion the other day over using a legal SBS as a self-defense weapon. I’m agin it.
    There should be one issue in a lawsuit, either civil or criminal: Did you or did you not act lawfully?
    Your opponent (prosecutor or plaintiff’s attorney) does not want justice; he wants to win. He will use any trick he can to make your DGU look like the actions of a kill-crazy thug. Never give your enemy any ammunition.
    The sad reality is, most people see jury duty as a burden and do everything they can to avoid it. So your jury will be made up of twelve people who are too stupid to get out of jury duty. You want the trial to be about ONE thing: the lawfulness of the shooting. You don’t want to clutter their minds up with extraneous bullshit.

  9. Beatbox Says:

    I saw online plates with The Punisher logo. Who in their right mind would put that on their gun?

  10. mikee Says:

    Beatbox: In the film American Sniper, the Punisher logo was used to identify a specific military group operating in Iraq. Emulating that, or being a comic fanboy, would explain the logo. I, myself, would be more than embarrassed to be caught with an Aquaman logo on my firearm.

  11. Beatbox Says:

    Mikee, thanks for the education. Still standing by my point, tho. It would not look good to a jury. Saw a video of Mas Ayoob (bow in reverence)where he suggested staying away from Zombie Ammo and such. He gave an anecdote where a prosecutor tried to use the fact the guy used a “Bulldog” revolver against him.

  12. Beatbox Says:

    …and I’m willing to bet most guys who put the punisher plate on their guns are more comic book fans.

  13. SPQR Says:

    ** electro-pencils off the Aquaman logo from his AR**

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