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So, a guy gets upset and goes to work, where he kills four and injures fourteen. He had to have a third party buy his guns for him because he was a prohibited person:

Authorities on Friday were investigating whether the man who opened fire on co-workers at a Hesston, Kansas, industrial plant used guns purchased through a third party and not at a licensed gun dealer because his criminal background prevented him from buying guns legally, law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News

The police had served him a restraining order just before the rampage, making him a double prohibited person:

A gunman who fatally shot three people and injured 14 others on Thursday began his rampage not long after he was served with a restraining order aimed at barring him from contact with someone he had abused, authorities said Friday.

And then he violated company policy by taking his double plus illegal possession of guns to work.

18 Responses to “Unpossible”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    So obviously we need enhanced background checks! That’ll fix it!

  2. Lyle Says:

    To you and me it’s proof that the anti-rights rules don’t work, proof that ignoring the basics of human rights is a recipe for disaster, and specifically it is proof that a disarmament zone is an invitation for a mass shooting.

    To the authoritarians it’s proof that they need more rules, more power and more of other people’s money (actually, everything an authoritarian sees is proof to him that he needs more rules, more power and more of other people’s money).

  3. Lyle Says:

    Does anyone else sense a made-to-order aroma to this story, or should I not bring up such things in public?

  4. chiefjaybob Says:

    Clearly, what is needed here, is another law.

  5. Fred Says:

    The problem is that these rules weren’t enough. We need to make another rule and this time really mean it.

  6. Deaf Smith Says:

    His ex had the PD TAKE the guns from him (but not arrest him for being a ex-con in possession) then a month later GAVE THEM TO HIM (she said she was afraid of him) and she didn’t tell the PD.

    Folks, if you are afraid of someone, why give them more weapons?

  7. Tam Says:


    Does anyone else sense a made-to-order aroma to this story

    In what way? A felon got his guns illegally?


    Oh, wait, my bad. It happens all the time.

  8. Tam Says:

    Seriously, Lyle, this is the opposite of news. Felon-with-a-gun-and-restraining-order can’t even stay in the headlines for a complete news cycle.

    If some mysterious illuminati had set it up to be a campaign issue, it would have been an Average Joe Who Kept To Himself and he would have shot up someplace a lot more photogenic than a lawnmower factory.

    As it is, everybody’s too busy watching Trump and Rubio call each other “Dummy!” and “Poopiehead!” to pay much attention right now.

  9. Matthew Says:

    The shooter was black, therefore, this didn’t happen. Carry on…

  10. Frank Says:

    We need common sense gun control.

  11. Ron W Says:

    Yeah, Frank, and ALSO apply it to those who make and enforce those “common sense” laws. But wait! They always EXEMPT THEMSELVES! Now why is that?

  12. MrApple Says:

    And NOW we need even more Gun Control to add to the Gun Control we already have. Brillant.

  13. GMC70 Says:

    This was next county from here. Just down the road. Fortunately, Kansas is relative sane, and there are few if any calls for “more laws.” We understand that laws don’t really change behavior for the sort of people who do this sort of thing, and disarming those who are not a threat only serves the interests of those who would do violence.

    Pray for the victims.

  14. Lyle Says:

    Tam; What I refer to is far simpler than any “mysterious illuminati”. It’s more like everyday, out-in-front cultural influences. Forget I mentioned it.

  15. comatus Says:

    Working in a factory making machines whose intended purpose is to mow down living things must be a deeply dehumanising experience. We need a more commonsense solution to lawn control.

  16. Robert Says:


  17. Chas Says:

    Banning straw purchases, imposing restraining orders, and having company policies banning guns are as insubstantial as the emperor’s new clothes. They do not work, but the Second Amendment does.
    Would-be criminals don’t care about federal regulations, court orders or company policies, however, they have been known to find lead projectiles to be so persuasive as to render them utterly peaceful gentlemen, and in very short order.

  18. Ron W Says:

    Chas, but that is only for important officials and the elite ruling class. The common people should not have such options.

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