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Ok, then:

It began life as a Hi-Point JHP, but we firmly believe in improving stock products, so enter the Hi-Point Customs Hi-Point JHP Block I. The Block I featured ghost ring sights, a high speed 2.5lb match trigger, a custom stippled handjob, a custom finish, and we modified 1911 magazines to function in this fine handgun (which funny enough, has been exceedingly more reliable than the stock magazine).

Unsatisfied, we moved on to create the Block II, which involved a hand fit tactical barrel extension and a single chamber muzzle brake (dubbed T-Brake).

To couple with these upgrades, we have also tortured it, and it refuses to stop, much like George Zimmerman and Donald Trump. This gun cannot be flimflammed or stumped. From washing machines to throwing contests in mud, firing .38 spl, firing ammunition that fails to headspace, and only having been cleaned in said washing machine, this gun will not stop working.


18 Responses to “Dafuq?”

  1. Sigivald Says:

    … ooookay?

  2. Squall Says:

    That is one dedicated troll.

  3. KevinC Says:

    I… I…

    I got nuthin’.

  4. j t bolt Says:

    Stippled handjob? Those are my favorite!

  5. tincankilla Says:

    iraqveteran8888’s abuse of a hi-point really set the standard for everyone else to exceed with ridiculousness. Can’t stump the Trump? Can’t hitch the hi-point!

  6. James Says:

    Best evAR custom muzzle brake i’ve seen. Can’t wait to prove this concept in 3Gun.

  7. Publius Says:

    At first glance I though it was a bong.

  8. SPQR Says:

    I’ll bet Caleb will review it.

  9. Deaf Smith Says:

    So when will the military adopt it?

  10. rickn8or Says:

    Doesn’t the T-Brake get in the way of putting the front sight on target?

    Oh. Hi-Point. Doesn’t matter.

  11. Bram Says:

    The “proprietary blended ammunition” with a charge of blackpowder had me laughing.

    I’m picturing somebody blasting this ridiculous thing at the range – generating a huge cloud of black smoke – and everyone on the line looking over and saying WTF!

  12. MajMike Says:

    Some folks have ‘way too much time on their hands.

  13. Gerry Says:

    Will you be submitting it for the new DOD pistol RFQ?
    I think you have a winner!

  14. Frank Says:

    I LOVES me some copper pipe fittings on my pistol.

  15. mikee Says:

    Since it can fire .38 Special, I am willing to bet (with someone other than me firing it, of course) that it can fire a .357 Magnum round EVEN BETTER. At least once.

  16. mariner Says:

    This is a proposed article for the first issue of a new magazine: The Gunion.

  17. lucusloc Says:


    7.62x54R “properly” chambers in a .45. Just sayin’.

  18. wizardpc Says:

    Guys if you haven’t hit the link you really, really need to.

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