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If it can happen in Jersey

Why not Where Great Britain Used To Be: The people who want the UK’s gun laws relaxed

2 Responses to “If it can happen in Jersey”

  1. The Neon Madman Says:

    “The debate in Britain, however, largely concerns US gun laws – where the Second Amendment grants the right to bear arms.”

    No. A thousand times no. The Second Amendment prohibits the government from infringing on a pre-existing and inalienable right.

    Well, it is the Beeb, after all.

  2. Calimero Says:

    Here in Europe the EU Commission is pushing a gun control package after the terrorists attack in Paris back in November.

    But they’re clear about it: the point is to disarm law abiding citizens. When asked what the proposed changes would do in terms of public safety, the EU Commission representative put it out candidly: “we’re not dealing with terrorism [we’re just not letting the crisis go to waste!] but trying to reduce the number of firearms that are lawfully owned by EU citizens”.

    The proposed amendments are going through various hearings with MEP.

    One of the Czech Republic MEPs this afternoon said something along the lines: I want every law-abiding citizen to carry [Czech Rep is one of the only if not only European country where carry is doable for mere “peasants”]. Had to chuckle when I heard that one.

    MEP are mostly against the most egregious changes (a weeping “AWB” based on “resemblance” with automatic firearms).

    At the end of today’s hearing one of the EU Commission representatives graced us with this gem: “I wish the talks today were more European and less Texan”. Unelected MFers in all their glory.