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In other news, the USPS has police

Well, since everyone has a SWAT team . . .

In Manhattan:

A Postal Service police officer started shooting when he was spooked by a rat in a darkened Post Office Friday morning, sources said.

The officer had his gun and flashlight drawn as he investigated an alarm that went off at the Manhattanville Station of the USPS at 365 W. 125th St., near St. Nicholas Avenue, sources said.

Only the police should have guns.

6 Responses to “In other news, the USPS has police”

  1. Fred Says:

    He should have been more specific when he needed a rat to help solve the crime, he should have said snitch.

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Going po… god damnit, the joke writes itself, tells itself, groans at how bad it is, boos itself off the stage, all in one sad little episode. I just want to go scoop the litter box now.

  3. Old 1811 Says:

    The USPS has had a police department for at least 50 years. The first Federal officer I ever met, in 1974, was a USPS police officer. Big postal facilities are sprawling, dark, and put in bad neighborhoods to save money. Burglaries to mail sacks, mail trucks, mail facilities, and employees’ cars are not uncommon. Postal employees are robbed while moving through postal warehouses. City or county police can’t be there all the time, so the USPS has its own police.
    The only USPS police officer to ever be murdered in the line of duty was ambushed and shot in the old Main Post Office in Chicago (the one that straddles the Eisenhower Expressway) by an honor student who was just turning his life around, but first he wanted to steal the cop’s gun so he and a buddy could break their buddy out of Cook County Jail. The incarcerated buddy had just murdered a Chicago police officer.

  4. Huck Says:

    Did he hit the doity Rat?

  5. dandydon Says:

    All I can think of is Wilford Brimley interrogating Kramer on Seinfeld. He would scare the hell out of me. And at the end of the scene:

    “Kramer, seeing Newman walk into the office with a bucket on his head,
    escorted by a security man: “Geez. Newman?”
    Newman, whimpering: “Tell the world my story.”


  6. KG2V Says:

    Actually, the Postal Police is the OLDEST Federal Police force, Predating the IRS, FBI, the Secret Service etc
    How long ago? Hint, the Position of “Surveyor” (which later became “special agent” PREDATES the Country – 1772.
    So yes, the US Postal Inspection Service is old.
    I used to ride the train here in NYC with the man who was the “Chief Postal Inspector in Charge” of NY District – 100s of officers (He is now retired)

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