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Jacket drawstring or booger hook on the bang switch?

Local man shoots self with gun while in the bathroom.

11 Responses to “Jacket drawstring or booger hook on the bang switch?”

  1. Robert Says:

    “returning his personal firearm to its holster after a visit to the bathroom”
    Which function of bodily waste elimination required him to friggin’ unholster? Sometimes I hafta unbuckle my belt but…

  2. Mike V. Says:

    I’m going with booger hook on the bang switch

  3. Leatherwing Says:

    “Which function of bodily waste elimination required him to friggin’ unholster? ”

    Serious question, because I don’t carry (yet) and don’t know: If you need to actually drop your pants in a stall that, like most, has a gap at the bottom, what do you do? Especially if a stall next to you is occupied?
    My first choice would be to use a stall with a wall on the carry side, but that may not be an option.

    On one hand, I know Uncle (among others) says to stop touching it, but is hanging it out there in front of complete strangers a good idea? Like I said, I don’t know what is normally done in that case.

  4. Pol Mordreth Says:

    I actually do this now. I have a new Shield and a DeSantis Sof-Tuck IWB holster. When I drop trou to use the facilities, I remove the pistol from the holster as the weight and position tend to flip it over and it fell out the first time.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a better IWB holster for the shield? one where it will stay put when the need arises? I’m not altogether comfortable with taking it out and putting it back, but its better than it falling and skittering across the floor.


  5. Tam Says:

    If your holster won’t retain the pistol against gravity when inverted, it’s not doing its job. :/

  6. Tam Says:

    Try a Bladetech Nano. If it has to be tuckable, there are plenty of leather and kydex offerings from all the major manufacturers that will retain your heater should gravity suddenly start tugging in another direction.

  7. DaveP. Says:

    If you’re using a holster that snaps, like a Summer Special or one of its imitators, unsnap the whole holster and hold it in your off hand. No need to clear leather at all. Then just put it back on when you’re through. Just don’t do that thing where you leave the gun on top of the toilet paper dispenser. That’ll get you laughed at.
    Mpdreth: A friend of mine uses a De Santis Cozy Partner and likes it a lot. The Galco Summer Comfort is also pretty good.

  8. Pol Mordreth Says:

    @Tam, I know, but I needed a holster and it was the only one they had for the shield when I bought it… a victim of its own popularity, it seems.

    Thanks for the rec on the bladetech. It does have to be tuckable for work purposes, though.

    Thanks Again,

  9. tincankilla Says:

    the best technique i’ve seen is remove the holster with the pistol in it, have a seat, then rest the holster gun on your pants between your ankles. has the added bonus that you won’t forget the gun.

  10. Old 1811 Says:

    If you have to sit in the stall, pull the waistband of your underoos over the holster and pistol. It a)keeps the holster from flopping out, b) keeps Sir Isaac Newton from pulling the holstered pistol to the floor, and c) hides it from stall-peepers.

  11. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    It seems to get politicians in trouble, but I take a “wide stance”, which puts a little tension into my pants and keeps the holster standing up. If someone wants to give me too much crap about it, hey, I’m carrying a gun.