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Quote of the day

A man planning a case of sudden Jihad syndrome said to the police on his selection of a church as the target:

It’s easy, and a lot of people go there. Plus people are not allowed to carry guns in church. Plus it would make the news. Everybody would’ve heard. Honestly I regret not doing it. If I can’t do jihad in the Middle East, I would do my jihad over here.

9 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. Ron W Says:

    So he said “people are not allowed to carry guns in church” and admitted that he would choose a gun free place, which is what our politicians always want to impose. But that’s not always true is it? Isn’t a church no guns policy up to the church? If a government imposes such, isn’t that a First Amendment violation?

  2. Fred Says:

    MI – Any property or facility owned or operated by a church, synagogue, mosque, temple, or other place of
    worship, unless the presiding official allows concealed weapons

  3. Mike V. Says:

    Many of the churches in the Knoxville have armed persons in the congregation and on staff.

  4. JTC Says:

    IIRC, that’s about word for word what the dipshit in SC who sullied the Confederate flag said after shooting up a black church.

    A Tango’s a Tango, and a POS is a POS, regardless of where he’s from and what devil he serves.

  5. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Carry in church rules vary from state to state like gun-free zone laws. Why it’s any of .gov’s business in the first place is its own issue.

  6. MajMike Says:

    I carry concealed at my church.

  7. Ron W Says:

    Right, Mr Evilwrench, it is NONE of the government’s business re: which rights one exercises when they meet with the church, nor any other time or place. But then most all churches have capitulated to being 501 3 c government corporations whereby they waive their First Amendment rights for tax exemption. And then there are those churches collaborating with the government in citizen disarmament gun buybacks!

  8. richard Says:

    The law in Virginia, which was passed as a concession to get shall issue concealed carry, states that it shall be illegal to carry a firearm into a place of worship, during a service, without good and proper cause. Our previous State Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, laid this innocuous POS to rest with the finding that self defense was a good and proper cause. Under the current administration, however, the AG might decide that someone who shoots a terrorist in a church or synagogue is a danger to society and should be put away for a long time.

  9. Fred Says:

    Ron W hits it out of the park. Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner.

    Ever wonder why your pastor won’t talk about current events? Isn’t it their job to apply biblical principles to today? Why don’t’ they? Ron W knows why.

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