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Fallout from Obama’s Executive Orders

Looks like the first victim. Though a thing that doesn’t make sense to me is how one can buy a gun at retail at Gander Mountain and sell it for profit on GunBroker. Also, the guy did have a C&R license.

10 Responses to “Fallout from Obama’s Executive Orders”

  1. Matthew Carberry Says:

    He was getting heads up from an employee of -used- guns coming in. I’ve seen some deals on the Cabela’s used racks on occasion. Not sure who sets the pricing.

  2. JTC Says:

    “It is unclear from the search warrant if there were background checks performed on the sales made.”

    Guess everybody was to busy to read Gunbroker policy or the terms of EVERY damn listing on there…there’s a pretty large and dedicated group of FFL’s who make a decent income receiving and processing gb sales for $10-$50 a pop; don’t know how those transactions can be considered unlicensed dealer sales. Ah, it’s because of the wording “making a profit”…talk about your “internet loopholes”.

    And you know ratfe, I mean batfe will be crusing some gunshows. They won’t have to pop too many for the attention like this guy got to have a very amplified and chilling effect.

  3. Will Says:

    This dude has issues beyond Loretta’s business card qualification. Probably a bigger sting going after Gander. Doesn’t an individual have to hold the ffl and not a business? So ffl holder is setting up a side business with dude selling him guns as they come in at non Gander prices and then turning a profit. Pure speculation but something more seems to be going on.

  4. mikee Says:

    Would it be a good defense move to suggest to the jury that anyone selling fewer firearms than the ATF in Fast & Furious should not be prosecuted, just like the ATF guys who are complicit in several hundred dead Mexicans and at least two US citizens?

  5. grendel Says:

    It would never have occurred to me that it would be illegal to buy guns through a dealer and sell them through another dealer. What’s the problem if they were background checked at both ends?

  6. Joe Hooker Says:

    Guess it depends on which Fed agency you are dealing with. If the guy had lost money on the sales and tried to claim a business deduction, the IRS would almost certainly have denied it because it’s a “hobby.” But to the ATF, it’s a business. They got you both ways.

  7. Matthew Carberry Says:

    If you are doing it as a business you need a license.

    Profit, loss, or meeting the spirit of the law in making sure BGC’s are done are all secondary, the magical government permission slip is all.

    No box unchecked, color in the lines, know your place citizen.

  8. JTC Says:

    BTW, this had nothing to do with “executive orders”.

    That was a distraction, not causing immediate alarm because it’s a process that takes some time.

    But this is much more dangerous, because what this is, is orders from the top to DOJ then to reg agencies, in this case batfe, to alter the interpretations and enforcements of existing laws, rules, and regulations. It is immediate, and it is intended to shock and set examples. This guy is fucked, and the effects are intended to be wide-ranging and chilling. And they are.

  9. Joe Hooker Says:

    You don’t necessarily need a license to do business. Depends on what you do and where you are. In a city, yes, otherwise probably not. Plenty of people run internet businesses from their homes with no license.

  10. JTC Says:

    @Joe Hooker, it’s a Federal Firearms License being discussed here, and the provision that’s always been there but is being strictly interpreted now for reasons, is that buying and selling firearms with a profit motive requires one. Your comment would apply in many cases to local and state occupational licensing, a totally unrelated thing.

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