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Tactical Tennis Ball Launcher, with Bacon

For Christmas, my son got Backyard Ballistics: Build Potato Cannons, Paper Match Rockets, Cincinnati Fire Kites, Tennis Ball Mortars, and More Dynamite Devices. So, we first made a tennis ball launcher, because we had all the stuff laying around. It wasn’t tactical enough so we put an angled forward grip on it. And we used bacon duct tape:


7 Responses to “Tactical Tennis Ball Launcher, with Bacon”

  1. mikee Says:

    As I pointed out in the comments to the tacticool hammer, the Russian milsurp version comes with a bayonet already attached, and costs a few bucks less than the home-made version. But both are good fun.

  2. Fred Says:

    What! No flash suppressor?

    Everything is better with bacon, everything! You could dress it up with some cheese but none of that fancy Havarti stuff, just stick to Cheddar.

  3. kasper Says:

    Banned in CA, NY, and MA…

  4. KCSteve Says:

    I got that book way back in 2002. Made a pneumatic cannon –

  5. The Neon Madman Says:

    Hmmm, now who could have gotten him that book? His mother?

  6. poobie Says:

    I had to look up the fire kite, and I gotta say that it looks pretty cool. going to have to try that.

  7. Brett Says:

    The fire kites are extremely cool. Make sure you have square paper, and use the smallest amount of tape as possible. For best results wait for a cold evening/night. My kids and I spent hours with these a few years ago.

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