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Graham: My wing of the party has ‘collapsed’. He means the RINOs.

6 Responses to “Good”

  1. Adam Lawson Says:

    I am so very glad that turd is out.

  2. FiftycalTX Says:

    Well, there are still 10-12 RINO’s left trying for the nomination.

  3. HL Says:

    How are they collapsing? Paul Rino just enfucked the conservative wing of the party with more grandiose than even Boehner could muster!

  4. HL Says:

    He even grew a fucking beard to emphasize his shit-heel turn before he eye-gouged and back-raked us. It’s like an old story-line from late 90’s WCW wrestling!

  5. Kevin Baker Says:

    I guess Grahamnesty didn’t hear the news. Senator John McLame when asked who won the Las Vegas GOP debate said Grahamnesty did!

  6. Chas Says:

    “How to Cook a Rhino”

    By James James

    Saute water in a pot, bring gently to the boil
    Simmer just a little while, add splash of diesel oil
    For colour add ten daffodils, a cup of jelly beans
    Then stir in six goanna eggs and seven aubergines

    Now set to cool and have a glass of vino red or white
    Then add some dessicated goat, and stir with all your might.
    Wait just a bit to moisturise, (still stirring all the while)
    Remember all your yuppy friends, add cup of chamomile.

    Turn the heat up, just a touch, allow the stew to thicken
    Add more water, pinch of salt, and forty legs of chicken.
    Now this is brewing, nice and slow, it’s time to bone the rhino
    But first, to still those nervous hands, sip just a bit more wino.

    Now…… take the rhino by the tail, and quickly turn it over
    But if it barks or tries to bite, you’re drunk, you’ve picked up Rover.
    So start again and pierce skin, but if it’s hard to skewer
    It’s out of date, so choose again, and find one two years newer.

    So now then with one mighty leap, you have the rhino boneless
    You slice it into bite size chunks, fat free and nearly foamless (?)
    Season well with tumeric, some garlic, mint and pepper
    Then set aside for seven days, to marinade more better.

    Meanwhile…in the cooking pot, allow the stew to rest
    Then add three ferrets and a goose, a lemon tree for zest.
    Fold gently in, a kangaroo, a muskrat and a sable
    Stir clockwise with a wooden spoon, and anti with a ladle.

    At last it’s time to add the meat from rhino set aside
    Excitement builds magnificent, as in the pot it slides
    Now boil 2 weeks on greenhouse gas, while stirring every day
    And then enjoy the Bon Repast, washed down with chardonnay.

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