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A rearview mirror for your AR

That’s what it looks like. Apparently, it’s to aid in looking around corners.

6 Responses to “A rearview mirror for your AR”

  1. Drang Says:

    Link goes to Rand Paul trying to stop His Imperial Majesty’s gun control action.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    d’oh. fixed.

  3. Richard Says:

    At a course at Academi, only a few weeks ago, we were being admonished to look around after neutralizing a threat. We even did some drills where we fire a given number of shots at our target while the Instructor moved randomly behind the firing line signaling how many additional shots to take. I suppose a mirror might be useful here, but like a rear view mirror on a car or bike, I have good head/neck mobility and don’ trust mirrors. Matter of preference!!!

  4. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I mirrored my lab goggles in Chem114, which gave me rearviews as a side effect. This came in handy. The TA couldn’t sneak up on me when I was setting fire to shit.

  5. Chas Says:

    I have a mirror for bicycling that clips onto the left frame of my glasses, but it doesn’t just point backwards like a side mirror on a car. That won’t work because I’d just be looking at my ear. The mirror has to be angled out a bit, and to use it, you have to turn your head slightly to the left so that the mirror is then aimed straight back.
    The odd thing about it is that it doesn’t obstruct any visual pickup of what’s in front of you because what is blocked from your left eye, is picked up by your right eye, so you can choose to look at what’s in the mirror, or what’s behind it, as you please.
    I imagine that this item could work the same way. Angle it a bit forward, so that when you swing the barrel a little to the right, the mirror is aimed straight back, and you get an unobstructed view of what’s in back of you. You’d be able to see forward and backward with only slight eye movements. Like having eyes in the back of your head.

  6. Jerry Says:

    Where will I put my cupholder?