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What lack of educated grassroots has done

Lost the political debate. Social media has made the debate on guns worse. For the anti-civil rights crowd. Look, Sparky, it’s working just fine. The good guys keep winning the gun debate exactly due to the internet.

9 Responses to “What lack of educated grassroots has done”

  1. FiftycalTX Says:

    The first two posts go to the same article at the Washington times. Is that what you deigned to do?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Gah. Fixed

  3. The Jack Says:

    Wired turned into a nostalgia driven Luddite publication pining for the good-old-days and fearful of new technology so slowly….

  4. jay Says:

    he thought that tweeting a link with the word “whoa” added to a conversation? the bar for ‘conversation’ has clearly been lowered.

  5. Ron W Says:

    The MSM continually reports on the San Bernadino shooting re: the “assault rifles” which were, at the time, purchased legally in California. But they do NOT say that California has an “assault weapons ban”. How can guns purchased legally in CA be “assault weapons”?

  6. RAH Says:

    Seemed to be whining about conservatives not becoming liberal enough and to pine for the good old days when the media controlled the message

  7. Fred Says:

    Mass shootings bad
    Trump bad
    Free Speech bad
    Lack of nuance in gun control debate


    Lack of “Contained” speech
    Self-defense is extreme
    Opinion bad
    Trump’s bad again
    Lack of “moderated” opinion
    Lack of moderate people

    This guy is the extremist. Anybody who tells you that we should be moderate is a socialist. Liberty is 320 million people all going in 320 million different directions in an animating contest.
    And in classic socialist form, government must be his god because he does not recognize that every living thing on earth has a self-defense mechanism. This does not come from a piece of paper or from those who piss all over the law while claiming to uphold it. Self Defense is inherent. If you believe on the LORD then you know this as part your core being.

  8. Lyle Says:

    The author (apparently Issy Lapowsky) seems to have written an article about the Overton Window, which he or she clearly favors, and how to manipulate it. It’s also pretty clear, who it is that Lapowsky thinks needs to be “moderated”. And of course the concept of basic principles is to be ignored at best, and insinuated as “extreme” at worst, for if we have principles the whole Overton Window thing fails.

    I will agree that some people simply do not get exposed to the opposing world view. They are all leftists though, because it is impossible to grow up in America, consuming American entertainment and attending public schools and universities, without near total immersion in leftist dogma and mind control, whereas one must actively seek the conservative, libertarian message or one practically never sees it.

  9. Donny Anonny Says:

    Wired is a shadow of its former self. A publication that used to be obsessed with be terms and implications of technology is now a hybrid between gawker media and Sky Mall.

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