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Carry guns

Should be carried

7 Responses to “Carry guns”

  1. Kathy Kinsley Says:

    Carry guns. Yes.

    And if you are forbidden to carry guns, you should secure them. And carry something that is legal. Anything can be a weapon. Just chose what you can use.

  2. Chris L. Says:

    Carry gun for gym cloths?

  3. Divemedic Says:

    Unless, like me, you are disarmed by law while at work. Tam doesn’t have the problem, since she works for a gun store.
    As a high school teacher, I don’t have that luxury. It’s for the children, don’t you know.

  4. Laughingdog Says:


    I’m in the same spot, working on a military base. What’s more aggravating is that there is talk of letting military carry on base again, but that talk doesn’t include civilians who work on the base.

  5. Ron W Says:

    @Divemedic, “It’s for the children, don’t you know” …so they can be kept as unarmed victims for mass murdering perps to be props and a pretext for citizen disarmament. It’s as evil as it gets!!!!

  6. MJM Says:

    I often move into and out of gun ban zones. Courtrooms. Places with security guards and metal detectors. You can’t always carry. But, yes, the most secure place for a sidearm as at the owner’s side.

  7. Tam Says:


    “Unless, like me, you are disarmed by law while at work.”

    I had thought that would be understood as a given. I’ll add disclaimers like a pharmaceutical commercial next time. 😉

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